Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little Miss Missing

Nope, the title has nothing to do with the blog. Just thought that it would be cool if there's such a Little Miss t-shirt, with no Little Miss inside because she is missing. Yaba yaba.

Yes, I am back, and yes, I'll be gone again, tomorrow.

What the hell have I been doing?

Having a helluva time of course. Best days of my life, totally swell. Studying for exams, taking exams, writing thesis, edit this and that, sleeping for only 4 hours in 3 days, and kicking ass as I geek myself. Funny how I think that this would sound funny just because I am being sarcastic.

So now that I am back for a moment, I just wanna note some things that had passed me by;
20th anniversary of the Hillsborough anniversary, RIP to the 96.
My final year project presentation that went flawless, thank you God.
The end of my university life, which doesn't bring much (if any) sentiments to me.
The bugger who finally saw the light and went to do 20 hail Marys to atone for sins.

And to acknowledge the goodness that is about to come;

Nope, not cina babi. nope, I don't have any flu (yet).

But I am definitely braving the pigs and going for a GRADUATION TRIP to Mexico China, Hong Kong & Macau!

Swine flu? To me that is just the past tense of swan fly. And fly up high will I go. I will check whether is my blog blocked in China (which is pretty cool).

Anyone wants to give me a welcoming hug from me after 14 May?


Eve said...

i forgot you got graduation trip!
can check out smtg for me or not?!?!

lil j said...

wei~~so long didnt update blog...wanan close d zit!!chap lap!!XD

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