Monday, March 23, 2009

JC Radix Camp 09

Thank you for making it such a great one, all of you people who participated and were involved in every way.

Thank you Pastor James for the great sermons.

Thank you Pastor Thoi Cheng for your guidance.

Thank you Committee Members for making it happen.

Thank you Campers for being such a great sport and great crowd. None can substitute you guys!

Thank you Kakak at HCC for cleaning up for us.

Thank you Auntie at HCC for cooking for us (though you can put in less salt next time).

Thank you Orang Asli for sharing your joy and love with us.

Thank you Bus Uncle for driving us around.

Thank you Bus Uncle's Girlfriend for accompanying him around.

Last but not least, definitely not the least but the greatest:

Thank you GOD for allowing this to happen, working in us and through us through out the camp. You rock, solid!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off To A Mountain I Go

I really love the I Heart Revolution. Simply revolutionary.

And this is a simply awesome video with a simply awesome song.

Coming to you, this JC Radix Camp.

Leaving you with this until I come back from Cameron Highlands, 20th March 09.