Tuesday, February 24, 2009

... And Now I Think That

Please do some cross reference to my previous post for clarification.
  1. Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, Switchfoot, tobymac and Kirk Franklin rocks. But the best is, and will always be, Creed.
  2. Guys who like Jay Chou are still gay.
  3. I cannot study without the computer switched on, connected to the Internet. It kills me, I wanna know what's happening in Facebook, I wanna boss around people's pages, read people's blogs, listen to music, watch Jaw Knee Yeah on Youtube, .. wait, where's the studying?
  4. Crowds that read my blog are people whom I know, which makes it worse, I cannot write carefree. I must be a role model, not a stumbling block.
  5. Sex is bad! You can get cancer from that, don't do sex! (with respect to No. 4)
  6. Singapore is routine. Routine is Singapore.
  7. I will wed ala shotgun. (Contradictory to No. 5?)
  8. I will be driving a second hand Vios, struggling to pay off my bank loans for a tiny little pigeon hole apartment, and I have a big debt in the bank by then.
  9. Hannah Tan looks like an old witch with thick make up.
  10. Gays aren't that bad, they are humans too. As long as they don't fantasize about me when they wank.
  11. If RnB is like a cigarette, house music is like the Cuban cigar of club music. Not everyone knows how to appreciate it.
  12. Refer to No. 4.
  13. What a joke. The one thing that actually made me feel so stupid when I looked back.
  14. Room mates, course mates, house mates, check mate, let's mate, ... Soul mate? What the hell is that?
  15. May Keanu Reeves save us.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hotness Knows No Race


After a night out, while I was about to pay for my parking fees, I saw a chick in this skimpy outfit walking pass by. Upon reaching the parking counter:

*PA = Parking Attendant
PA: FULAA.. Itu macam tak payah pakai lagi baik kan?

Me: Haha, tak apa la, bagi you tengok, I tengok, kita yang untung kan.

PA: I kasi tau sama you la, ok, I kerja sini punya dah lama, compare Chinese dengan Malay, Chinese lagi best.

Me: Mana ada... You masuk situ (pointing at clubs) tengok, perempuan Melayu joget punya laa ganas. Chinese tak berani pakai sexy punya... Tadi itu first time tau I tengok pakai ganas itu macam.

PA: Tak de, Malay kan, dia orang pakai baju macam, over la. Chinese, fuh CHUN.

Me: Haha, tak apa la, you ambik Chinese, I ambik Melayu, ok? Tak payah fight.

PA: Eh, you ada amoi intro kasi saya la.

Me: Tarak la, you tadi tak mau usik amoi itu.

PA: Mana la boleh, pakwe dia kat situ saja.

Me: You kecut ka? I sekarang pergi kejar dia panggil dia ok? (My goodbye line)

PA: Ah cepat pergi
Hence when I entered the elevator, I bumped into the chick with her boyfriend again. Didn't really bother to look at them or anything, but I heard them talking:

Me: Wow, English speaking Chinese couple in JB, that's rare
Me: One liners. I only seen them and heard of them in movies.
Me: Hey, though I'm quiet, I ain't invisible okay? Can you like ask her in the car instead
Me:I really wanted to take the lift back down to the Ground floor, walk back to the PA and tell him that he was wrong.

On the other hand, it was a great night, especially when you get to knock a friend out :) Now I know how funny I was when I KO'ed in Bangkok. And embarrassing. And smelly.

Dang I must be such a joke.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It is like damn expensive,

damn ah-beng,

damn not-my-style,

damn vulgar, (but as if it matters :D)

but at the same time...

It is so DAMN COOL!

And old skool too!

Okay, I don't really know how old skool looks like. Maybe this?

More like, disaster school

The temptation of buying a fake did came to me, but HELL NO, I am not a fake shit.

So, I'm saving up for the real thing.

This is my favorite piece:

and of course I wouldn't mind this too:

My birthday ain't around the corner and Christmas is far from reach; but I don't mind receiving an early gift :) Anyone?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guitar Heroes

After watching this video on Pastor Ah Girl's blog, I was blown away by how skillful that little kid was at running his fingers up and down the strings (and I can't even hold a bar chord properly).

So I thought that I should also share with you people the videos of interesting guitar heroes on Youtube.

First off, the Korean kid who plays Canon rock. I know there's lots of Canon videos out there already, but the interesting part is, this kid looks like Johnevan. Heh heh.

Next, the guy who plays the guitar like a keyboard, (two guitars!) Mr Zack Kim who plays the Super Mario theme. You've gotta watch it to believe it. Also a Korean... there must be something inside those kimchi that makes them so good with the guitar.

Last but not least, definitely not the least, I would say that he ain't the best guitar player around, but he definitely knows how to use it to serenade. He sings and even does a little video for every song, and I tell you he's really, really damn good.

Introducing, Mr. Jaw Knee Yeah. Kid you not, he rocks like really. It's okay if you didn't view the above videos, but this is a must.

Get ready to be astounded.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Used To Think That...

  1. Contemporary Christian music sucks.
  2. Guys who like Jay Chou are gay.
  3. I can study with the computer switched on, connected to the Internet.
  4. Nobody reads my blog anymore, so I can write anything I want.
  5. I will some day get involved in a threesome.
  6. Singapore is heaven.
  7. I will marry by 27.
  8. I will have my dream car, a cozy house and money in the bank by then.
  9. Hannah Tan is a goddess.
  10. I will never befriend gays.
  11. House music is noise.
  12. I can do strangers and friends casually.
  13. Pak Lah is a good, righteous, visionary leader.
  14. Soul mates do exist.
  15. And UFOs too.

Friday, February 13, 2009

5 Random Girl Facts

Fully opinionated, no backing facts for my claims.. Here goes, my 5 random rants about girls and 1 random girly photo that I think should be framed up in my room:

This can be a KFC ad. Finger lickin' good.

  1. The sexiest outfit a girl can don is the formal shirt of her boyfriend's (or this blog owner's) and paired with shorts or, panties or, nothing at all. That's right Donatella, your Versace dress sucks, male office wear wins.

  2. Girls are most adorable when they behave like themselves. Yes, screw you Taiwan drama and act-cuters, don't you know that because of you girls, your country is now the host to the largest gay festival in Asia, never failing, every year?

  3. Now matter how modernized our lives have become, guys still do look for this 3 main criteria in a girl; the three C's : Cook, Clean and Care. Yes. It's about time you figure out how to use the rice cooker.

  4. No use fighting with us guys over what you want and what you don't; all you need to do is to submit to his authority first (acknowledge his ego) and then puppy-eyes your way for what ever you want. Like the famous saying goes: make love, not war and everybody's happy.

  5. This is ripped off a radio station in Singapore (987fm) which serves as a public service announcement during Shan and Ros show: For girls who think that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, is aiming a little too high. Classic.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Menthol Sucks

13 more, damn.