Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Favorite Song For The Weekend

This is definitely one of my favorite songs. The tune and the lyrics are just haunting. Best thing is, whenever I listen to it, I felt my love and my loyalty renewed. And when I sing it, it's almost therapeutic.. And I'm sharing it with you guys.

And oh, here are the lyrics:
FUCK OFF, Chelsea FC!
You ain't got no history!
5 European Cups and 18 leagues,
That's what we call history!

Hahaha hell yeah it's my favorite song! Now that you've known the lyrics to it, sing it loud and proud wherever you may be, tomorrow!

Date: Tomorrow, 26th October 2008.
Time: 8.30pm local time.
Event: Sing Along Sunday.

And oh, do keep your ears tuned to the TV speakers and hear the Liverpudlian Orchestra sing them. Bring it on, Chelsea FC!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halt! FYP cometh!

What is FYP, some asked.

I say, use your imagination.

For Your Pleasure?
Fong Yee's Place?
Flex Your Penis?
Failed Your Paper?
*mate* You, Pig! ?

Whatever it may be, this blog shall be ignored until the end of the week, as the author is busy preparing for his tests and FYP.

So Flip Your Pages.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Shouldn't Be Here

Test is in 2 1/2 hours time. I am still at the same page since yesterday afternoon. Tooling for Production. This subject sucks so hard, it makes your nipples blue just by reading the book.

I need a map hack.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Deserve An "A" For This Project

The last 3 weeks of the semester usually are the busiest for us (the last minuters). With countless assignments and projects to be handed up, we would normally resolve to some quick and effective problem solving;

"This should be strong enough"

I was to head a project for Professional Practice subject. And for those of you who are always eager to be a leader of some sort in some organization or group, let me tell you this: Firstly; you suck, that's why you ain't one, and secondly; grow a brain, sitting still is more fun than this.

Project title:
Erosion Problem In Many Parts of Malaysian Highway.

Contents needed:
  1. Background of the problem
  2. What's wrong?
  3. Who are involved?
  4. The way forward
  5. Conclusion
Hence after much thought and discussion over the matter, me and my group members managed to basically, sort everything out.

Presenting, our project and our discussions.

1. Background of the problem

All over our highways

2. What's wrong?
He is.

3. Who are involved?
"It is an act of God. So don't blame me"

4. The way forward
Cure for all your ails.
5. Conclusion

Too bad I can't submit this to him. But I will certainly put this under "References".


Monday, October 06, 2008

Life Back In Motion

Hari Raya break is over. This means here comes the tests. Assignment due dates. Project dues. And the mother of all horror: FINAL YEAR PROJECT draft is almost due.

I am so

Saturday, October 04, 2008

First It Goes To Your Happy Nerves, Then Your Belly.

Since most of my pictures are with my friend, who is Raya-ing back at home with his family right now, I'm gonna blog about something that is only snapped with my camera.

And that would be,

The chapter that was missing from the Purpose Driven Life book.

Germany is known for their beer, and in each small town they have their own little breweries. Hence, as a young padawan still alien to the good German ale, I ventured on my little own quest towards happiness and love. And most of the time, I ventured alone, as my travel mates don't drink.

While I ventured on for beer, they ventured on for differing types of soft drinks. How sweet.

My first beer encounter was when I had dinner apart from the group (since they always patronize the Turkish outlet which is halal, meaning no beer).

My first bottle, definitely this

One of Germany's most famous export beer. Smooth, rich, aromatic and it's golden. Though it was bottled, it felt almost like sex to my thirsty tongue. I can gulp a dozen of those!

No, it's not a typo.

Beer is cheaper than Red Bull here, and costs only 40cents more compared to Coke. I'm loving this country already.

A very happy Wan Yean

In the small town where I live, namely Aalen, they have a brewery nearby in the town of Wasseralfingen. Hence, the beer; Wasseralfinger Bier. Not very impressive though, it is plainly bitter and nothing fancy.

Surprisingly, I had this in a supposed to be halal Turkish shop.

Next, it's the famous Munich brew, Paulaner. I took the opportunity to sneak away from the gang after dinner and went on to a local pub for this.

The kepala botak beer brand

It's above average, definitely better than Wasseralfinger but still it tasted rather plain.

Later on, I found this beer that my German lecturer told me about. It is Germany's very own version of Carlsberg, but the only thing is it is spelled with a "K" in front. Not exactly true, but it is pronounced as Carlsberg too if you say if fast.

Beer piracy

But unlike the pirated DVDs or Nike shoes that you buy, this "pirated" version of Carlsberg actually tastes better!

And it was at this particular restaurant/bar where my Kellerberg costs less than my friend's Coke. Where is the logic?! I don't know!! But never mind, who's complaining? :)

Then cometh the best ever, ultimatum beer experience in the world. That's where I tasted the best ever beer in my entire life.

She should be in Germany's Got Talent. And I want that mug squeezed to her boobs.

Now tell me you don't want a wife like that. Actually I wouldn't wanna cause imagine their muscular forearms from all the beer waitressing. Will make a pancake out of your palm when you guys hold hands.

Oktoberfest post, after this.