Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Much For A Post

Ookay, I'm back and everyone is asking me where is my Germany post. I gotta tell ya, 10 days compressed into 1 post is a really difficult task to do. You see, bloggers are long winded people who can whine for pages about the littlest things.

But writing too much and too many posts on Germany will just get on people's nerves (aiyah ini budak hutan Malaysia tak pernah tengok dunia macam... tulis diari ke?)

Hence, I gotta plan properly and summarize them up like really really short and simple. This is what I had in mind...

Overall, 1 post.
Food, 1 post.
Oktoberfest, 1 post.
Pictures and sceneries, 1 post.
I went jogging, 1 post.
Mad football fans, 1 post.
Mercedes Benz Museum, 1 post.
Porsche Museum, 1 post.
My course in the uni, 1 post.
The cold weather, 1 post.
Shopping, 1 post.
My cool lecturer, 1 post.
Train rides, 1 post.
Pretty chicks, 1 post.

Damn... I can befriends the chatty morning market aunties already.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just random photos, snippets from here and there and everywhere.

Stuttgart train station

Festival at down town Aalen

One of the performances during the festival

And what's a festival without THIS..

Exposed: Our (soon to be ex) PM's diner in Germany

A cold, wet yet beautiful evening at the suburbs

Wet pussppy

THE author looking stoned and cold

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Germs Are Good




And this,
In 2 days time.

Right here.
THE author is going global! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

THE Blog Final Release

So here it is. My blog, at last, complete with sidebar contents and a not-so-complete list of blogs that I pimp. Through this time of skin changing and template hunting, I have learned valuable lessons of life which I'd like to share with all of you.
  1. I have good, helpful friend(s).
    Thanks for laughing at me, then offered to help, and then helped, which I later then scraped off because I find it too hard to manage.. It doesn't mean that I do not appreciate what you did, it's just that I don't understand jibberish, which brings us to the second lesson in life:

  2. HTML code still sucks.
    Many do not know this, but do you know that HTML codes complete with it's complexity and tiny bits and details which requires lots of focus to decipher is a main cause of eye cancer? The radiation beamed out from the computer screen and the alphabets in the codes kills the cells in your cornea, which will lead to cataract and eye-AIDS.

  3. Blogger is slowing down.
    Is it just my connection or does everybody feel the same? It took quite some time for my web page to load. Feedback very much welcomed. And if it is Blogger's fault. I would be thinking of pressing my words next.

  4. Homer Simpson is a God in the cartoon world.
    Even Family Guy's Stewie must bow down and worship him, I mean Him. What does this have to do with my blog skin? I don't know.

  5. I am still, a noob layout changer.
    Just look at the amount of damage I inflicted on my own blog. Shame on me. And also, I lost a great amount of my Pimp List and blogroll. Double shame.
If your blog is missing and you are unhappy about it, please complain it to the memory department of my head for excluding you, though they might reply and say that you are forgotten because you are insignificant.

Nah, just kidding, c'mon, tell me if you wanna see your blog's link there. I'll gladly link you up (for a minimal fee).

Making a comeback,
THE one your mummy approves of.