Thursday, August 28, 2008

BN The Kuku

The more you're doing it, the worse it'll be.

It's like an itch, my dear beloved BN, and you're the kuku/fingernails that are trying to temporarily relieve the itch. The more you scratch to get rid of it, you're just hurting yourself more. Your reputation, your credibility, your supporters.

So I beg you, please, stop inflicting damage on yourself and us, the rakyat. If not, soon the kuku will be trimmed shorter and shorter until you are just insignificant to make any damage nor difference anymore.

I was damn irritated with this, and furthermore, with the cover up story.

Somebody get the nail clippers ready.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I told you guys already...




Saturday, August 09, 2008

Computer's A Life Sucking Machine

I know my blog is in a mess right now, but I just have to write. I just have to blog, about my computer. About this lifestyle of mine, and many others of you out there who turns on their computers every single day once they're home.

I am so sick of you, little machine with micro processors. I am so sick of how you have got everything in you. Music, movies, entertainment, books, games, girls to flirt with, reading materials, and even friends whom I can communicate with.

Everything that was once meant to be done outside apart from the convenience of my own bedroom is now possible because of your existence.

Gone are the efforts that I need to put in to search through the library to find a single book containing what I want since Google appeared.

Gone are the time when I have to pay with my money just to call and talk to a friend or to flirt with a girl, since the existence of Instant Messaging.

Gone are the days when I have to scour through pirated DVDs to find a suitable value-for-money title to buy and watch at home, with hopes that it ain't a cinema copy and that the show is good, ever since torrents surfaced.

Long forgotten are the days when birthday wishes are written in cards and sent to the person, ever since Facebook appeared. People seems happy to just write on Walls, and send virtual soft toys.

I hate how I seek your refuge when I am down right bored and how I really thought that you hold the solution to my situation. The convenience you provide is driving me nuts. You make me wanna get out of my room and grab a book to read at a corner in the living room but I miss how you play my favorite music.

You are like a parasite. One that is being kind to me in a cruel manner. The good deed doer with a giving hand is the devil after all.

And what do I do when I got so frustrated with you?

Gone are the days when you bitch about things to your close friends ever since blogs appeared.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Under Construction

Yep, I went at it. My first ever attempt at installing a template apart from those provided by blogger. Wish me luck that I do not mess everything up (I think I will).

Get ready for a brand new THE Blog (Either that or a ruined Blog).