Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I just got to know that:

There's quite a large bunch of people around me who blogs. Most amazing one, a girl who sells jewelries through her blog! Coolness.

My last paper is on the 2nd of May, which is next month, which is actually, this coming Friday. And I thought that I still have weeks to enjoy and relax before my paper.

Jim Jones is a cult leader somewhere in Africa. And there's a bunch of black rappers calling themselves Jim Jones. It's like Too Phat calling themselves Ayah Pin or KLG Squad calling themselves Sami Velu.

There ARE some pretty nice chicks in UTM. And some of them speaks fluent English! (Turn me on, turn me on...)

I am a linguist, as in I discriminate those who can't speak a certain language (English, that is) properly. Something like, racist, chauvinist, the equivalent of that; linguist. You may look as hot as Tara Reid but if you can't speak proper English, you look no more than a Bryan Boy to me. A Chinese Bryan Boy, that is.

I kinda, fancy Miley Cyrus. Not her music, not Hannah Montana, but racy photos. Teenagers today can't wait to grow up. And I can live with that :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Girl At Cengal: Good, Bad, Ugly

So, the saga continues. I haven't seen her for some time, and hell, semester break is just around the corner. I need to do something. I just need to. I should analyze every single step that I'm about to take, pros and cons, and all that.

And so I did.

Well, after writing this out, I thought to myself, damn, I sure have a lot of time.

Good: I have handfuls of conversation starters (a.k.a. pick up lines) to use.
Bad: "Accidentally" knocking her down with a car and nursing after her that would be the best thing to do, and "fate brought us together" tops my list.
Ugly: I am seriously considering it.

Good: I have no balls to do it.
Bad: I have no other more sensible ideas.
Ugly: I am desperate.

Good: I start a conversation with her, and she responds.
Bad: She looks at me and pretends to see nothing.
Ugly: "Oh my God, you were talking about ME? You crazy son of a ..." She reads my blog.

Good: She gives me her phone number.
Bad: She says that she doesn't have a cellphone.
Ugly: I replied "Fine, you STUCK UP!" She really doesn't have one.

Good: I call, and she goes "Hey! I thought that you'd never call!"
Bad: It's ALWAYS engaged, or left ringing.
Ugly: "For the 100th time, I'm not some girl that you fancy. She gave you the wrong number, dumbo! Now go get a life!"
Nightmare: "You the prick that's hitting on my girl? Listen closely, keep your distance or the next time you see your car it'll be in the scrap metal factory."

Good: She says "I like you!" and we hit off.
Bad: "I like you! but she's got a boyfriend.
Ugly: "I like you... to be far, far away from me. Now bugger off!"
Nightmare: "I like you! Let's be friends!"

Good: I date her out for dinner.
Bad: She never turned up.
Ugly: She turns up with a car load of friends that I do not know of.
Nightmare: All her friends are guys.

Good: We kissed, and she grabbed my nuts.
Bad: I try to kiss her and she smacks me right across the face and kicks my nuts.
Ugly: We kissed, and she make me grab her/his nuts.
Nightmare: She/he has got a bigger nuts than me.

Good: She is attached to me.
Bad: She is attached to me, and I became her driver, personal escort and ATM machine.
Worse: She is attached to me... and also Ah Keong, Ah Seng, Rajen, Muthu, Faizal, Abu, Ali, my Materials Science lecturer,...
Nightmare: She is attached to me, and I still have to iron my own clothes.
Suicidal: She irons my clothes, drives me around, gives me surprise treats, bakes for me, and she is my BFF.

Good: "You make me feel so naughty."
Amen: "But let's wait until we are married."
Bad: "Let's wait until we are married okay? I mean, it'll be awesome for me to finally get to abstain after all these years..."
Ugly: "Can we do it tonight honey? Frank, Donny, and Muthu said that a five-some would be fun."
Nightmare: "Let's wait until we are married. Besides, Muthu would know if I am having another man."

I'd be so sure to call the fella who wrote this a psychopath maniac after reading this through. Heck, am I turning into one?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hiatus, Accident, Agilent.

You know when you've left your blog unattended for sinfully long enough when your blog link does not appear as you type the URL on the http:// bar. I haven't even been visiting my own blog to save my own blog's soul.

Yeah, hiatus, a common thing that's plaguing THE Blog now. It may not be all CAPITAL THE Blog anymore now, heck it maybe just the Blog, but rest assured... Cometh next semester, my blog will be updated DAILY (hopefully). Because next semester, Mr Tan is moving out of UTM and into his own room (FINALLY!!)

That aside, I got a freakin' accident yesterday. My car skidded at a corner, and for a moment I thought I could cast in JB Drift before I hit the curb. My freakin' front rim is screwed real bad, and my butt was ripped by an ugly taxi that was tail gating. That is just so uncool. And it's gonna cost me a bomb. Out of this world total uncoolness. Just when I thought that I was gonna pimp my ride a little.. Nah.

That aside too, thanks for your support to THE Blog guys. Will be back in Penang early May for my internship in Agilent. Looking forward to that, and looking forward to drowning my accident sorrows away with a keg and some Penang drunkards.