Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's Gone

It's like I lost a member of my body.

Papa passed away yesterday night.

I miss him.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Digi's Yellow Coverage Fellow Murdered

Oh my God he's dead!!

Oh my God he's dead again!!

I thought I was watching Happy Tree Friends.

This is sort of a response to Ben's recent post about the Yellow Coverage Fellow, or in short YCF. Yes, that is his/their official name. Seems like a huge bunch of people are irritated at the YCF, though I beg to differ.

In my opinion, Digi's marketing plans have by far been the best among the three operators, with the launch of Fu-yoh and YCF. The fact that they are able to remain competitive in the business even with setbacks of not getting the licenses for 3G and WiMax is already a prove of their superior marketing and advertising strategies.

Personally, I think in terms of the TV ads, Hotlink's You Don't Have To Live Like This ads are better than the YCF ads. It's just that one thing lacking from Hotlink is for them to associate something, a mascot for example or maybe a tag line that can be incorporated into their image maybe.

Maybe if they used the same guy for all the three ads, they've got something there. Remember Gary, from the early 8TV commercials? That's what I mean. Remember Gary, remember 8TV. Remember YCF, remember Digi.

What's there for Hotlink and X-Pax?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shit Happens: How To Waste 2 Hours Of Your Morning

It's as if I'm starring in the movie Just My Luck.

First, as I was reaching Johor, I dozed off into a deep slumber. It's as if I'm sleeping on Dreamland queen size mattress with 2 beautiful masseur getting their oily hands all over me. But when I opened my eyes, I realized that my deep slumber got me into deep shit. I missed my supposed stop, and I landed at Larkin, some RM15 away from the place I intended to be.

Never mind, I told myself. I got enough, money in the bank for the (two of us).

After reaching my friend's house, the cab driver complained that it was far, and all that. So how? He said he wanna raise it to RM16.
Pak cik, are you Chinese? How come katok me an extra RM1 also you so syok la? Take la, take la. I'm finally here, dammit its okay.

So as planned, I've taken the house key from Ben earlier so that I have access to the house.

First lock, the gate.
Key in, twitch, level one security cleared.

I walked in and proceeded onto level two security, the grill door.
Same thing, key in, twitch, cleared.

Now the wooden door.
Final hurdle before I can go in and brush my teeth, bathe, go online, rest, change my clothes, watch porn, waste my life on Facebook, play MTV Room Raiders, eat up their snacks, drink their beers.

So same thing; key in, twit... Wait. The key is too fat and thick to fit in such a tight cleavage! Must be the hole's a virgin, or Ben gave me the wrong key. I searched through the keys again, and no, there ain't any other keys.


Open sesame didn't work.

I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere. Never mind. Don't panic. Adrian's girlfriend is around, she must have locked it. So I gave her a ring, and she's in the Uni.

Great, err, can you come over and open up the door for me? What, no? You're busy now? What time will you be free? EVENING??!!!

I think she hates me.

Nevermind, I'll just, somehow walk to the taxi stand, take a cab over and take the keys from you, okay?
Then suddenly it rained like mad. I had to take refuge at the house's small enough porch, and my only companion is my laptop. And I feel like taking a dump. Help.
I think Thi Gong (Sky God) hates me too.

She called again, checking on me and asking how am I doing. What am I supposed to say, I'm fine, enjoying my view? She asked me to hang in there, and even suggested things that I can do to past time. Well, at least she's playing it nice, and I just said take your time (dammit, I can't wait).

I think she likes me.

So I snooped around, thinking of what to do. Thank God I brought my laptop along. Lo and behold, my camera was with me too! Maybe I can camwhore a lil' to pass the time. Took a shot, and I thought no, I won't do that again. Despicable, humiliates mankind.

That's me, the camera, and the laptop screen, through thick and thin.

Adrian's girlfriend (I still don't know her name) called again. This time she brought better news, she'll come around 11 plus. I looked at my watch and it's barely 9. Well, at least that's better than the evening. She asked me to hang in there.

I think she hates that she likes me.

Spent the last 45 minutes writing this up, and it's 9.49 a.m. now, with another hour plus to waste.

I'm dirty, hungry, cold, tired, holding my rectum in dire need of a toilet bowl and feeding the mosquitoes around here.

9.57 a.m.
I feel like breaking the damn door.

Random thoughts are popping out of my tired brains now.

10.06 a.m.
I'm just too bored, hence I'm listing all the songs down that's popping out randomly on my Winamp. Look below.

If I was in America, I can bloody write a Bestseller book after I get through all this.

10.17 a.m.
There are 26 bars on the house's gate, and my laptop has got 65% of power left.

Namewee of the Negarakuku fame would be the most successful Malaysian rapper ever if he releases an album, and might even be offered a place in LMF.

10.24 a.m.
I'm supposed to go to Singapore today.

10.42 a.m.
Damn, I accidently hit the power button and I had to restart my laptop. That caused my laptop to be left with 45% power. Tolonglah bertahan 'til 11.

Songs enough for 2 hours:

Fall Out Boy - I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)

Natasha Bedingfield ft Sean Kingston - Love Like This

Keyshia Cole ft Missy Elliot & Lil Kim - Let It Go

Fergie ft Ludacris - Glamorous

Baby Bash ft T-Pain - Cyclone

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

Lifehouse - The First Time

The Fabolous Catz - Papa Jahat

Ungu - Kekasih Gelapku

Soulja Boy - SOulja Girl

Chris Brown - Wall To Wall

Colbie Cailat - Bubbly

Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado & JT - Give It To Me Aetoms Remix

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your BOdy Beatbox Version

Mason vs Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder)

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

Bon Jovi - YOu Give Love A Bad Name

Sean Kingston ft Paula DeAnda - There's Nothin'

Marty Casey - Trees

T-Pain ft Akon - Bartender

Jack Johnson - Breakdown Handsome Boy Modeling School Remix

Mims - Like This

Nickelback - Rockstar

Justin Timberlake ft Beyonce - Until The End Of Time

Nelly - Wadsyaname

James Morrison - You Give Me Something

It's 11.02 a.m., and I saw her Kelisa strolling over. Thank God I didn't poop in my pants.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I know my blog has been depressing for the past few days. Here's something light; some interesting posters that I snapped from the Government Hospital where papa is at.

Poster No. 1
In case you can't see it properly; wow, what a tag line:

Fresh from the breast, definitely the best!

Poster No. 2
Somebody explain to me what that poster means?
Beware of handshake, you can get AIDS!
Keep your hats on, if you love your life.
Construction workers wears condoms. Do you?

By far the best poster I'd say

Scares the hell out of me, and made me regret for taking those joyride puffs back then.

Will be journeying back to JB tonight since I've gotta attend a ceremony in my uni, and will be back in Penang only by Saturday.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Second Time Round

While waiting for the lift with papa, there was a loud thud behind us outside the window. I turned around, and saw a still body lying on the floor, face down, out cold.

I saw a man committed suicide today.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Death On The Opposite Bed

Death. The transition of a person's body into nothing more than a mass of object. The departure of humanly emotions, feelings and life from the physical into the ethereal, often accompanied by a turmoil of expressions from close relatives. Death. Unpredictable, inevitable.

The patient opposite papa's bed passed away two nights ago. Audible mourns and cries of anguish sent chills and discomfort down papa's heart. Even I felt uneasy watching the drama right before my eyes.

I held papa's hands as he recited the Lord's prayer. I prayed for him too, while I whispered in my heart for wisdom from above on how to be a channel of the Almighty's comfort and peace.

Amidst the trouble, he slept well that night. And we both learned something valuable; willpower and optimism are crucial in our lives.

With God, death is not a tragedy, but a triumphant victory and freedom over the physical.