Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Elbow

Or "buruk siku" in Malay, is a name given to people who borrow things and do not return them to the owner.

People who are selfish enough to keep the things they borrowed and pretend as if the stuff are his already.

People who might even start avoiding you after borrowing things from you, and would say things like, "oh, so sorry! I'll return you tomorrow okay?" but is nowhere to be seen from that day onwards.

People who are inconsiderate and have no conscience that can live through each day without guilt.

People who'd be better off invisible and stay that way so that they will not interfere with your life.

People who are like... Oh darn I got carried away. I thought I was supposed to be scolding someone here.

Err, let me rephrase everything for you guys again.

People who are handsome that unintentionally forget to return the things that they had borrowed some time ago.

This may be due to many reasons, such as:
  • Stylishly forgotten that the item has not been returned,
    (oh that is not a big deal right? Totally forgivable)
  • Good-lookingly unaware that he had actually borrowed that item,
    (It's human to forget, we're not computer RAMs. Pardoned with love)
  • Or even masculinely contracted a slight Alzhemia which might have erased his gorgeous memories about that particular borrowing incident.
    (Oh it's okay then. Please, rest those tired minds. Those items are just a small issue)

Nobody's perfect, right?

Since their looks are already so perfect, they might lack the memory power of remembering to return stuff.

I hope I managed to set you in the right mood before you view these, especially if you are the owner of the item(s).

And also, sempena Hari Raya Puasa, marilah kita bermaaf-maafan, berzahir-zahiran dan berbatin-batinan.

Ok, here goes. Things that I dug out from the depths of my room and realized they don't belong to me.

Item No. 1:

This is so old skool. The Fast and The Furious VCD which belongs to Desmond.
Nice movie? Yes.
Good quality? Crystal clear.
Pirated? Of course!
I mean, we're living in Malaysia anyway, right?

Item No. 2:
The first installment of Resident Evil, also in VCD format. Belongs to Julian Chow. Pirated too. Else I won't get to watch Milla's naked body when she fell at the end of the show. :D

Item No. 3:
The person I borrowed this from sure wouldn't remember owning this, cuz he doesn't. I borrowed this from my Angkenasawan friend, Ang CS. And apparently the VCD is not his, it's his friend's.
I recall him telling me, "Wei, kasi return me fast fast ok. I borrow from my friend one ah" and I nodded.
Well... It's been 5 years now. Sorry if I got you into any trouble with the owner of the VCD.
Moral of the story?
Don't lend to people things that don't belong to you. Heheheh...

Item No. 4:
Street Fighter Zero 2 Computer Game CD. Now this CD is really, really old, and it belongs to Mervin Lim. It's even stated there "For Windows 95 only", for heaven's sake.

Well, come to think of it, I'm doing those guys a favor by keeping these items, since they're pirated and it's my duty as a responsible friend to restrict them from these unlawful things right? What a good friend I am.

Item No. 5:
Sadly though, up til this day, there are no visible buffs that can be seen on my arms. My failed attempt to being like Vin Diesel (can't see myself bald either).
Item owned by Ming Yu, the guy that has only 3% fat mass in his body.

Item No. 6:
Jess Alba. It all started when I told her that I couldn't afford her. She just smiled and told me that it's okay, she'll just lend herself to me. So after doing borrowing her for the past years ever since I reached puberty, I'm still wondering how do I return her to her.

Item No. 7 (Coming Soon):The complete works of Dan Brown (half complete as of the picture), owned by Eve. If you don't come back soon, this will be in my shelf for a real, long time. Heheh...

Come to think of it, there are only 7 items? I am amazed with myself too.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Songs From My Winamp

Too lazy to write any shit. It's in my head, but not in the mood to bitch 'em out. Let these serenading songs do their magic. Bet you'll love them. The theme, songs with featured artists.

Click here to jump over: Wanster is a charming guy that makes all the girls can't wait to throw their panties away.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Your worst nightmares happen when you wake up from your sweetest dreams.

I felt so, so shitty this morning, after waking up from a beautiful dream that seemed so real. She's gorgeous, stylish, subtle, sexy, posh, pretty and she's RICH!

She faded and blurred away as the alarm rang louder..

I woke up to find myself in UTM.

I hate reality.