Saturday, August 25, 2007

Free Hugs, Anyone?

No, you can't have that fluffy plush teddy for free.

If you guys are not well aware, this is actually a campaign organized by some hugs-deprived people who can't afford Lovely Lace soft toys for hugs-deprived people. It's a FUBU kinda thing. (FUBU means For Us By Us if you don't know).

It's basically about some fellas hitting the streets with big signs awaiting people to give them a hug. Here, check out some of the videos;

Juan Mann, the one who started it all.

It's in Sydney, I think.

Free Hugs campaign in Singapore.

I wouldn't mind hugging the girl. Heheh

This is in Korea. A bit failure la..

Someone commented "dare you to do this in North Korea". Haha

Free Hugs in Hollywood. The most macam-macam one.

Makes me wanna visit Hollywood.

I must admit, it is pretty heart warming. Whoever it is that came across these people sure left with smiling faces. An act of random kindness leads a long way.

Now anyone would be interested to organize this in Malaysia? I just might join you. No, I am not hugs-deprived. I'm just bored and in the mood to do something radical.

But then again, Malaysian streets are full of beggars, and if they come for a hug, err, don't video me running.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That Familiar Feeling

He looked into the mirror and checked his hair. He then straightened his crumpled shirt, and removed a "khuai" of fallen hair off his shirt. Damn, he thought. I should have ironed the shirt, but heck I had not time. He took a deep breath, and got out of the car. Okay, here I go. Why am I here again? Well just, go.

And he started walking. The journey from ground floor to the top was casual, but deep inside him he felt a lil' uneasy. He found himself behaving in a very odd manner. He doesn't know where to put his hands. Just act natural. But what is natural? He suddenly felt very awkward. What the hell, he grumbled. This is ridiculous. It's just a meet up, so be casual and just act cool. No, don't act cool, act yourself.

But what is myself?

Shut up. You're almost there. And don't do anything stupid.

His eyes scouted the area. Nope, she's nowhere to be seen. He kept walking. His hands were cold, and his mind was empty. No scripts, no rehearsed lines, no idea what's gonna happen next. He was looking at his apparel again, giving it one final check up. He bit his lips, as he glanced at his own reflection when he passed a shop. This is absurd, get a hold of yourself or you're gonna look like a freaked out traumatized oddball.

Somehow he managed to gather his mind, shrugged off the calamities and kept his cool as he gets closer to the bend. And at the turn of the corner, his heart skipped a beat. It has always been like that, ever since the first time their eyes met.

There stood she, gorgeous as ever, smiling.
No matter how far the wind has blown the leave away, it will always be a part of the tree.
And the tree will always feel the missing leave.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"I Tried So Hard" -Akon & Wan Yean-

I tried. Really, I did.

At the start of the semester, I've sworn to do all my assignments, homeworks and other sleep-inducing tasks by myself. I shall not procrastinate, I shall not be lazy, and I shall not copy work of others.

Be the answers are right or wrong, I shall complete all of them by myself.

It's only words, and words is all I have.

Fei Zai: Eh, go upstairs and take Econs assignment from Ah Meng. He finished it already.
Me: What do you intend to do?
Fei Zai: Mark his paper and grade him? To copy lah, what else?
Me: I shall not do that. It is against my principles in life.
Fei Zai: Huh? Hey, copying is a very Malaysian thing to do!
Me: And thus I shall not stoop so low to be a typical Malaysian pirate. I believe in originality.
Fei Zai: Talk so much, you know how to do meh?
Me: Still, I will try my best...
Fei Zai: And get a C?
Me: I will keep on trying, and never give up...
Fei Zai: Fine, let me see what you've done so far.

(I proudly hands over my half completed questions)

Fei Zai: You drew the chart all wrong.
Me: Oh, would you correct me then?
Fei Zai: And you don't have to use the formulas. You can get the values straight from the table.
Me: You serious? I'll take note of that.
Fei Zai: And finally, our lecturer asked us to do question 3, 4 and 5. You did 1 & 2, which are already discussed in class.
Me: What is Ah Meng's room number?

I think I'd have to start with staying awake during lectures first.

PS: About my disappearance from my blog for the past week(s), I'm really sorry because I was busy with tests, assignments, DotA and an Open Day exhibition to take care of. Will be making my journey back HOME on Tuesday.

PS2: Wheeeeee! Eric Kuih, BuayaChye & segala manusia yang menghuni di Penang buat masa ini, get ready for the return of the Choy.

PS3: I miss my mummy :(

PSP: I want one!