Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yo Ho, Yo Ho!

Nope, I ain't hollering to any of them Lil' Kim, 50 Cent music video dancers, Deal or No Deal Revlon Girls or in general, any prostitutes at all.

I'm singing de piratey song, ye pitiful lad!

The third Pirates, At World's End I've watched twice, and still wouldn't mind a third time view at all. Brought me good laughter through out the whole 3 hours journey, while never failing to deliver good brute fighting.

Lovely crafted masterpiece of perfection. Well, almost perfect me say.

Flaws are hard to seal up once ye make an intended one time movie into a trilogy. From the very start, ye see; the whole story ain't keeping itself at proper if ya follow the series.

Alright, it was certainly hard to speak like 'em. Let me point out some flaws, and noteworthy events here. Definitely for those who had watched the show. Else; major spoiler ahead:

1. MAJOR FLAW: If you do remember the first installment of pirates, Captain Barbosa ain't that much of a captain afterall. He was just a normal crew until he turned against the captain of the Black Pearl back then, Jack Sparrow. Captain, Jack Sparrow. So how could he possess a token of the nine out of the eight, if he ain't a Captain back then?

Or maybe is that the reason it's called nine out of the eight, cuz back then there's just eight 'til he appeared? No, they used all nine of the Captain's tokens to seal Calypso, so he must have been a captain back then, but he ain't one. Explanation, anyone?

2. Apparently At World's End contains more violent scenes compared to the previous ones. There's sword poking here and there, gunshot fired on the head, cannon falling onto a China man (I smell racism!), and yes, blood. A delightful surprise from Disney, I would say for being that bold.

But what about the children? Err...

3. Why is the song singing necessary at the begining of the show? And that coin the boy posesses, what about it? So that lil' boy is the one who call the shots in the pirate world? And by singing one song, he made all pirate lords gather?

4. Kiera Knightley. Elizabeth Swann. Oh sweet young rough lady. And poor Orlando Bloom. Poor Will Turner. What's so great about navigating the Flying Dutchman when that wife of yours, oh Captain Turner, had kissed almost every single man she encountered!

Men kissed: Captain Jack from the second Pirates, James and Sai Feng in the latest one! Heheh.

5. Oh do remember to sit a while more after the show.

Just when I thought to myself they might put Captain Jack out to say something like "Stay back people, there's a scene to catch at the end" and appearing later on after the whole credit roll saying "Oh well, I lied. Hell I'm a stinky pirate anyway"; Elizabeth Swann appeared on screen for a short, meaningless scene.

To talk to Will about divorce, maybe? 10 years, dude. It's longer than forever to survive without sex that way.

6. Kudo's for the great ship battle scene between the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl! Though those swinging around and pole walking looked too good (and easily done) to be true, c'mon it's an action comedy; it's meant to be that way! Have fun!

7. They've got real fine lines in that show, another round of applause for great script writers. After more than 2 hours into the show and before the great ship battle scene, I do recall Captain Barbosa saying something like "Release the wind and hold your water!". In a way it sounded like a message to the audience to hold their bladders and watch on. Heheh awesome.

Oh my favourite line would be "Keep telling yourself that, darling" by Captain Jack after Miss Swann said they can't quite work out. Bloody cool guy he is.

And the final flaw, a bigger one than the major flaw above:

8. The director should've let Elizabeth Swann dress less for the steam bath room. Or the least, let her be splashed with water? I mean, c'mon, that ugly China man get to see her remove, why can't we! I smell racism!

Nope, I ain't being a bitch to bitch that much about this show; I actually love it that much to give it that much thought! Guys and girls, I'm telling all of you, go and catch the show! It's freakin' awesome and will surely not disappoint!

I can't wait for Pirates 4 already.

Monday, May 28, 2007

My Music Blog

I'm sorry for abandoning my blog for a while now, and yeah, sorry that Sarawak Part 2 is yet to be published. Blame the cameraman! He's taking forever to pass the photos to me... Actually blame me. I haven't make any effort in getting the photos. Heh.

But meanwhile, let me introduce all of you to my VERY NEW music blog. Yes guys, I have a music blog, and I freakin' love it! I found myself spending more time lately over there rather than here, and I would really love you and spare you the spank if you would go over and check it out.

The big bloody link below:

What to expect? My music preferences, my 2 cents on songs and download links that I discovered. I'll feature songs that is haunting me head and put up YouTube vids there for easy access, til I manage to find a music host. Why are you still here? Go over there now and show me some love!

Meanwhile, I'll be starting work tomorrow, a part-timer in an office. Don't know what to expect, but it will not be fun for sure. Heck I don't quite care, I need $$ now. I need a new phone, a pair of sandals, new shorts since I lost my freakin' new one in Kluang, new belt, a leather sling bag and *hopefully* a new laptop.

Don't worry, updates will still come though it may not be that often. And if you're still reading this, I'ma have to give you a smack already. Don't even bother commenting, go to my music blog now!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Guessing Game

Sarawak Part 2 has gotta wait, cuz the pictures aren't in yet. Patience :)

Mean while, let's play a fun guessing game! FUN FUN FUN!

I got this idea from Jen's blog, and apparently she has been doing it for quite some time already.

Here's how it's played; you guess. Haha, sorry, sorry I know I've been quite lame for these couple of days already, must be because of A.C. Milame. Yes, blame A.C. Milame for laming me day! URGH.

Okay, let's head on to the kuiz atas talian! (That's online quiz for you, serious.)

Guess how long I took to reach home (Paya Terubong, near Majestic Heights) from Gurney Hotel!

Maklmumat kritikal (Critical information):
  • Time: 12.32a.m. midnight
  • Vehicle: Celica Kelisa Type R DOHC 2.0v Mira Engine with Intercooler Turbo 12 liter wiper soap water, Tuned by Ah Beng & Co with Extra Loud Exhaust, Extra Huge Aeroplane Wings and Extra Ganas Colourful Stickers
  • Traffic lights: 6
Take a peek at Google Earth if you want to know exactly how far away those two places are from each other, and start guessing now!

Female winner(s) will get a nasty "Smack That" spank (oooh) while the male winner(s) will get a nasty smack (ouch). Let the games begin!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sarawak Part 1

I became an Iban for the past four days in Sarawak. I'm known to them as the White Iban, though I haven't gotten an Iban name (Helikopter, Julbertino, etc) yet.

I lived their lives. I ate their exotic food, slept in long houses, trekked through jungles, braved the rivers and even spoke their language.

I did not spend much of my time in Kuching, instead I went to Betong, a small town about 4-5 hours away from Kuching.

So what can I do in a tiny outskirt in freaking huge Borneo? Oh, a whole lot of thing.

First off, I sat at the back of a pick up truck for the very first time in my life. That's not all - the truck was traveling off road! A freaking bumpy journey that had me clinging on to my dear life... FUN!

Upon reaching the long house, we were greeted warmly by the Iban people. And it's their culture to serve drinks and snacks to visitors upon their arrival. They would spread out their hand woven mats on the floor, where everyone would sit in a circle for meals. Yea, notice that it's mats, not mat, they really throw out all they've got for our butts.

A lil' tip, if the long house people do not spread out their mats for you, its a hint that they don't quite welcome you. Better work on your P.R. then or risk losing your head as a trophy.

And meals, they're freaking exotic! You'll get dishes like roasted wild boar, steamed palm shoots, fried fresh water carps and "padi bukit" on the menu. Pork and bah kut teh lovers must try their babi dishes. And lucky me got a taste of pelanduk meat, the hunt of the day.

I actually managed to wallow in a real exotic dish made from a protected animal species, which might disgust you, hence I ain't mentioning it here for the fear of arrest by the Jabatan Perhutanan. Let your imagination run wild, and think. :)

Will continue more tomorrow, and pictures! Yes, pictures will come a lil' later cuz the camera ain't mine. Patience.

I Survived Sarawak

Nah, it was nothing near life threatening. Fun and enjoyable, with lotsa adventure. Tired and sleepy, will blog more tomorrow if I'm awake.

Boy, those head hunters can really run...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Kuching Getaway


I've always wanted to do that to someone else's blog :D Wanster is currently in pussy town, in the land of hornbills! He told me to tell you guys that he'll be back in a week.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

... Not Grow Old!

The other day when I was filling up my Celica Kelisa in Petronas:

Attenden: Eh, awak ni dah umur berapa?
Attendant: Mind if I ask how old are you?

Hensem: Ha, awak cuba teka.
Me: Why don't you give it a guess.

Attenden: Errr... 28?
Attendant: My guess, 28?

Hensem: APA?
Me: WTF?

Attenden: Oh, atau dah 30?
Attendant: Oh, or are you 30?

Hensem: Takde lah! Baru 21 aje!
Me: No way! I'm only 21!

Attenden: Aduhai, aku pun 21! Tapi tengok rambut awak dah putih banyak! Aku punya (buka topi) hitam lagi!
Attendant: Holy Mary mother of God! I'm 21 too! But you've got so much white hair! Mine (takes off cap) is still so black!

Hensem: ... Pasal awak belum dewasa lagi...
Me: ... That's because you've haven't grown up...

Attenden: Elleh... Kau jeles kat rambut aku kan...
Attendant: Holy prophet... You're jealous of my hair right...

He hurt my feelings.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Wanna Grow Up!

When I was young, I always wanted to grow up quickly. I don't like being the smallest among the group.

When I was in primary school, I couldn't wait 'til I start Standard 6, so that I can boss around like a big shot and let no one intimidate me. Yes, I'd have to admit that I feel threatened by being small and young.

And so when I finally made it to Standard 6, I felt, good. Though I'm not the biggest kid in school, but still by being a senior, I felt no fear of any sorts. I felt like a tai-kor, while all my friends were my minions. Well, at least I felt so. Thanks to Chow Yuen Fatt's movies during my growing up period.

When I grow up, I want to be just like him!

But the shortlived joy ended when I entered secondary school. I was back to square one again, being a Form 1 kid. The sudden transition from being the biggest and boldest to the smallest fart in school was hard to adjust with.

So there I go again, wishing and waiting to grow up fast. I want to be as big as the seniors.

I want to be cool like them.

I want to have my breakfast during the senior recess period.

I want to swear like them.

I want to tuck my shirt out.

I want to lepak in McD after school.

I want to be like them.

But finally when I was in Form 6, I felt rather sad; because it's all coming to an end. And the worse thing was that I didn't feel like I've grown up.

When will I ever start to think like a mature man?

When will all those silly day dreams of robots and mutants go away?

When will I not feel stupid over some things I say and the way I act?


To be continued..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kluang Part 2

I give up. All these ain't nothing like smashp0p's. Miles apart. I'll just get back to writing and typing my entries. Thank God for alphabets.

Still, here you go, the second part of my Kluang picture journal.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kluang Part 1

Okay, I'm finally back after a week's absence (sorry! Had too much fun having fun) and as promised, if you do remember, my Smashp0p attempt!

Alright, so Kluang is just a small town with not much places of interest besides those that you visit when you're still in primary school.

There's this famous coffee house at the railway station called Kluang Rail Coffee that serves coffee (duh) and kaya toast. Quite best, especially the kaya toast.

I shouldn't be talking about food now, especially kaya toast. I wonder if there's any good ones in Penang. Anybody familiar with where to get 'em? I'm like an addict. :)

First stop, ZenXin Organic Farm. Dragon fruit plantation with organically grown greens.

Pineapple farm next! Somebody told me it's the largest in the world. Yeah, freaking huge.

Part 2, visit to a pottery. Nicer pics ahead :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Sorry that this is happening again. Well, I was away to Kluang for the recent days. Click on the town name if you don't know where that is.

You may call it, a lil' road trip to a small town that serves great coffee and toast bread. At a very cheap price too. Watch me blog about it real soon, Smashp0p style. :)

I'll be taking off to Singapore tomorrow until Sunday, hence I might or might not blog.

Then off to my beloved home island Penang, before taking off to Sarawak on the 14th of May.

Yep, lotsa traveling but mostly regional. Do click on each location's link for a clear review of that particular place, especially Singapore's. A must read. :)

That marks the end of my report. Don't miss me too much, just hang in there, I'll be back real soon!