Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Joy

I'm coughing.
I'm having a slight fever.
Classes are starting tomorrow.
My room's in a mess.
I hurt my sexy back.
I'm back in UTM.

Amidst all the tragedies and despite the circumstances, I ain't gonna let them hold me down from celebrating. It's Christmas ya'll! Nothing beats the festive joy it brings!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

What I Really Want This Christmas

Some celebrate it with their families.
Some will spend the whole night partying til they're all goners.
Some will shop til they drop.
And to some, it doesn't even matter at all.

Christmas is here again.
And what does Christmas actually mean to you?

When I was a kid, Christmas is like Children's Day to me:
Nice cartoons, magic shows and concerts on the telly, get some presents once in a while, Santa Clauses everywhere in shopping malls giving out candies and well, it's just a greater day compared to other days of the holiday.

When I stepped into a church back in 1997, I learned a lil more about Christmas. It's about the birth of Christ. That explains the Christ in the word Christmas. And since then I've celebrated Christmas in church, with a bunch of great people from all ages and backgrounds.

But for me that got a lil mundane after some time. Year in and out it's about singing carols, church services with almost similar sermon, drama or choir presentation, sorting out who are "worthy" to receive presents from me, squeezing the cents out from my pocket to buy things for the "worthy" ones, and eagerly looking forward to receive what I'd get in return.

So then came one year I got a lil adventurous and decided that I'm gonna go out there and party with my friends during Christmas. And yes, I did had loads of fun. Mini stage concert and performances, pretty girls all over and friends everywhere made that Christmas special. For this young kid back then that Christmas was awesome.

But long after I felt that there's something amiss in all of the celebrations I had, be it in a church or out in the streets. Beneath all the hollow laughter and night jollying there was a missing ingredient.


That was missing from all of my Christmases.

Christmas is significant to me in the sense of my spiritual life.
I was baptized on Christmas day.
I was born again on the day that Christ was born.
Because of love, Christ came into the world.
Because of love, I followed after Him.
Because of love, the gift of life was freely given for mankind.
And because of love, there is Christmas for the world to celebrate no matter how they're celebrating it.

Christmas is all about love.
The love that God has for the world.
The love that you share with your friends.
The love that binds your family together.
The love that you see in your partner's eyes.

All these while I spent Christmas without love.
Instead, fun was the substitute to it. But fun will be over when the party is over.
Love will linger and nurture on into something much more than just the good feelings you have inside.

It's not what you do during Christmas that matters most, it's who you're doing it with that counts.

So how are you going to spend your Christmas this year? Or should I ask who are you spending it with?
For me perhaps, I want to spend my time with my loved ones. Even though I'm not close to home during this festive season, I'm making every effort to tell all of my loved ones that are far away that you are not forgotten.

To my beloved papa & mama, my smart & classy sister, all of you great friends out there, church peeps from Penang & Johor, and you too Jessica Alba; have a merry and meaningful Christmas.

I love you guys.

And I love you too, whoever you are that's reading this entry til the very end of it. Thanks for the traffic :D

I hope I don't sound too gay.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm A Future Engineer

It's not easy being an engineer. First of all, you've gotta go thru 4 years of unreasonably boring classes in order to earn a degree.

And after graduating and earning the title as an engineer to yourself, you are expected to be fully equipped with the latest knowledge on whatever field that you're related to. Be it you're working in a turbine generator, constructing a bridge or even managing technical support in an IT firm, thousands of lives and million of dollars are on your shoulders of responsibility.

Every single decision you make is critical. That is the reason why engineers must be always aware of his surroundings, calculate every possibilities that might happen as the consequence of his actions and on top of all that, keeping in mind the safety many and working within the budget. Striking a balance between the two is important. With all that in mind, future engineers are taught to think and act that way.

What was running across my head when I was in Genting:

I see rust on those chains!

Is this gonna derail? The Corkscrew is supported by just this tiny wheel?

This cable that is gonna support our weight when we're up in the air... Is THAT thin? What is the Safety Factor?

What kinda wiring is this? I don't wanna die electrocuted!

Can't blame me, I'm gonna be an engineer!

But after thinking about the cost I paid to get in there, all fear of death is gone. Nah, screw it, I ain't gonna waste my trip just like that, I'm gonna have fun, and I did!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

They Had A Thousand Things To Say

(Aiyo! Ang moh!) (Chuckles)
Fine weather it is, ma'am. May I buy you a drink, miss..? Oh, my pleasure to meet you, Miss Ong. What is this lovely lady doing here at the bar all alone and without a drink? I presume that other men would have been swarming around you like bees around honeybuds dying to get you a drink and maybe a lift home.

(What ang moh? He look like an Ah Beng la. Hahaha)
lu! What Ah Beng Ah Beng har? My mother got give me name wan you know! Not like your mother ah, excrete you out from her backside liao throw you aside straight go to toilet and shit. That's why she name you Ah Sai is it? Or Chau Sai?

(I like your look now. Very Hongkie.)
Ei? Hai ah? Tor cheh worr. Yan dei kong ngo chi Zeh Teng Fung worr. Tan hai ngo kok tak ngo chi Ku Thin Lok tor ti. Leng wai ngo kou ti ti ma. Siew zor hai mm kau khui hak zeh. Ngo yau leng zai ti worr.
Translation: Is it? Thank you. People say that I look like Nicholas Tze. But I think I look more like Louis Koo. Because I'm taller you see. Just that I ain't as dark as he is. I'm better looking anyway.

(You look like Japanese with that shirt on.)
Konbanwa! Bagaiero! Arei-arei... Zanpakutou, bankai! Getsuga Tenshou! Kimochi... Kawaii ness!

Translation: Good evening! Idiot! Well well... Soul Slayer, full release! Moonlight Fang! That feels so good... Cuteness!
(Sorry, I don't speak Japanese and I only can manage a few lines from what I watch... erm, not porn, of course.)

They told me their opinions already. What do ya think? Ang moh? Japanese? Hongkie? Or Ah Beng? Oh, I dyed my hair and cut it short, if you're still in a blur.

Look at the hair, not the sleepy face.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Poppin' My Cherry! The Finale: Sweet Goodbye

Ever wondered how on earth SEVEN grown ups (hey, we've past 21 already, so yeah..) are gonna fit into ONE tiny First World Hotel twin bed room? On top of that, we have a fat grown up among us... NO NAMES MENTIONED.

Ben: Okay, now let's apply what we've learned and think like an engineer.
Wan Yean: Erm, entropies? Nope. Second moment of area? Nope, not that too. Rankine half body? Epicyclic gears? Ben, we're engineering students, not some logistic management student!
Ben: That's the thing you see, if we're studying logistics, we'd have to book 3 more rooms for each of us. But as engineers, we think of how to minimize the cost and maximize the space.
Wan Yean: You wanna formulate something out from the area of this room and calculate dy/dx=0 to get the maximum value of x?
Ben: Now I know this would come in handy somewhere along this trip.. (Pulls out scientific calculator and math book)

So how did we managed to sleep? This is how it looked like:

Calling it twin sharing is a lie. It can accomodate much more for sure. Proven by UTM undergrads.

And half way thru the night, we witnessed a strange new phenomenon. Ever heard of snappo clubbinglitis? This is a new "disorder" that occurs in sleep by somebody who danced and listened to loud music for too long that he starts snapping his fingers in his sleep.

Another discovery made by UTM undergrads.

How to stop him?


Wiggle wiggle...



Wiggly wiggle...




And hence cometh another new day. After packing up and having lunch at Burger King (Every Penangites favourite outlet cuz there's no BK in Penang. Yay!) Normie, Fei Zai, Ck and Ben went seperate ways with me and Kim. We're both going back to Penang and the bus is at 2.15, so we've still got some time to kill.

Sleepy faces; last group pic on the hill

We both decided to visit the Ripley's Believe It Or Not gallery and camwhored with all the cool stuff in there. I even tried to dig out the Canadian coin from the gold coin covered Mini but I failed. Dammit that coin is pure gold, I'd be rich if I could just... Nevermind. There were lotsa interesting things inside to see, so go visit that place when you're there. QUITE worth the money.

That's for not wearing a bra.

Oh yeah, we almost had to extend our stay to one more night because our bus ticket departure date was wrongly written to be on the 8th. I wouldn't mind staying another day. Heheh. But after checking with the cleck over at the ticketing counter, she confirmed that it was their error for writing the wrong date. Dammit...

I snapped and stabbed the clerk

So that ends it, my first ever Genting holiday experience with my UTM buds. Fun fun fun! Wan Yean came down from the mountain a real MAN now after conquering the highland and escaping death time after time, and he ain't a Genting virgin no more! ROAR!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Poppin' My Cherry! Part 2: The Night Was Young

Everybody got dressed up nicely for this. Kim even wore long sleeve shirt, looking like either a pro gambler or an under age kid trying real hard to get in there.

I wasn't so hyped about the whole gambling thing, well I just decided to tag along and maybe get to see some eye opening interesting things to see.

Along: Now, how much do you owe me?
Gambler: Te... Ten thhoousannd ringgit.. taikor...
Along: And where is my money now?
(Pulls out a gun)
Gambler: Please! Spare me!
Along: How about trading your life with your ten fingers? HUH?!
Gambler: No don't please! I promise to..
Narrator: This could happen to you. Gamble wisely. Think of your loved ones, and your fingers. This is another community outreach message by Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia.

Nah, nothing like that happened. As expected, when we approached the entrance, the security guard requested for our identification. Not a problem there, I'm a freaking 21 year old adult already. Heheh.

Upon stepping into the casino, we're greeted by an uncle who was talking on the phone loud and clear enough for all of us to hear:

"Look, listen to me I'm seriously telling this to you now. I don't even have money to make this phone call to you now..."

Welcome to the casino.

We went for the cheapest table of all, the RM5 minimum bet table and everybody chipped in to play. I was just experimenting with the game, and decided to change just RM10 chips first for starters. Ben on the other hand dropped in RM40.

And boy, we looked so "jungle" thanks to Mr Ben's over the clouds hyper reaction:

Situation 1: Ben placed one chip over at "BIG"
Croupier: Results; 2,3,3. Small.
Ben: SHIITTT! OOORRRRHHH!! MY MONEY!!! (Bangs table)
Us: Sorry he forgot his medication.

Situation 2: Ben placed 2 chips over at "BIG" again
Croupier: Results,; 4,6,6. Big.
Ben: YESSSS!! I'M FREAKING RICHH!! (Punches air)
Us: Now where is that can of Coke with diluted Panadols?

In the end, Ben lost all his money (he almost overturned the table if not for the sedative Coke). But for the rest of us, lady luck was on our side. I personally won RM25 out of that RM10 that I chipped in. Heheh. Thank you Uncle Lim.

That place looked boring after a while. No background music playing, just lotsa ahpeks and aunties throwing their bank savings onto the table, lotsa security cameras over our heads and lotsa money that we can never win.

Well we headed out and straight into Safari, the only club in Genting. It was packed with lotsa party people, MMCs (Mui Mui Chais) and wannabe Ah Bengs. Still it was great to be there the first time ever with my UTM buddies.

That's almost all for the night, and on our way back I can see disappointment on some of their faces who thought that they can get laid there and then. Haha, better luck next time guys!

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Poppin' My Cherry! Part 1: Outdoor Rides

Was so freakin' excited when I was in the bus. I'm gonna cum! Ooh.. Well the journey was freaking bumpy and long (6 hours!) but I was patient and cool and calm. I am so going to Genting! Holla!!

Poserism: What boredom due to long bus rides can do to you

Halfway thru the journey the bus stopped at this place in the middle of nowhere for food, and I stumbled upon this:

Tan Choi Man

If you do not understand, it's totally fine. It's related to the pride of my family.

Fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep again and when I opened my eyes, behold; there it stood before me: the mountain of entertainment, joy and multiple orgasms. . .


Ready to lose my virginity

After checking into our room, we wasted no time and straight proceeded to the outdoor theme park. Some idiot tried to put me down saying that the fog was too thick and we might not be able to play.

Oh no. It's not gonna happen today. It's my day, dammit! I'm so gonna pop it!

I dunno who is that guy. So hyper like some kampung kid first time go Genting. *Shakes head*

Going in order:
Orgasm #1: The big spinning thing (forgot the name)
Orgasm #2: Cyclone


Took a break: Water bumper car

Orgasm #4: Flying coaster (I can't stand to fly...)

Face green green

Everyone was hungry by then, so we decided to go for dinner. We somehow managed to sneak into the staff canteen and we took cheap good food (RM5). People say that we had to dress cincai to get in.

Prohibited area: highly exclusive

And were we done for the day? Hell no! More outdoor rides!

Breath taking view, breath taking experience

Orgasm #4: Corkscrew (3 rounds babe!)
Orgasm #5: Space Shot again! (GILA BABI MONYET UNTA TAPIR RAMA-RAMA!)

Orgasm #6: Cyclone (Aiyah, everything else turns to be boring after Space Shot)
No kick: Ghost train (two rounds, cuz Ben wanna take this picture)

Light bulb

After getting 6 orgasms and came twice boarding Space Shot, I was satisfied. Puas. Syok habis. This is so the best. Haha. Well my first ever Genting experience was truly one helluva great one!

Cherry popped. Wan Yean is a happy MAN

And before we departed, we went for Motion Master. No kick la... Almost fell asleep thru the show. Waste of money. Well, off to Uncle Lim's den next! To be continued...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Visit Penang 2006

I had the most meaningful week with my peeps from UTM this week. And heck no, I can't pen it all down in just 1 entry, so I'm breaking it up into parts; well at least you guys get to read something new everyday (hopefully) right?

The peeps: Kim, Ben, Ck, Fei Zai & Normie

Seremban, Rootless Sesat, Kampar, Melaka & Selangor

To kick things off, the gang landed over in Kampar (Ck's hometown) and spent a day there before coming over to Penang. And oh boy, I was really excited to show them around!

Initial plan:
1. Drive 2 cars to Penang
2. Eat, eat, eat and eat
3. Drive to Kampar the next day
4. Play and spend the night there
5. Off to pop my Genting cherry

You know, in engineering, there's this thing we call an ideal situation and a real situation.


So what happened really? Kim's Civic broke down. Apparently he was applying what he learnt in Material Science and did heat treatment to his engine gasket.

When the radiator over heated, he poured in cold water, thus thermal quenching occured and the gasket just gave away. And he did that THREE times before he reached Penang. Final state of the gasket? Tempered martensite. Plus a hole in the pocket.

My dad's trusty mechanic had a look over it, shook his head and said to Kim:

"Buy a new car la"

Yup. It was THAT bad. Total cost of repair? RM600. What a great introduction to Penang for my peeps, especially to Kim. I still feel sorry for him whenever I think of that amount. Maybe some Char koay teow can help him sooth the ailing.
I wanda where he get that kinda marnee.. Don' woerr bout it. Let's go!

So an emergency plan was executed:
1. Spend 2 nights in Penang
2. Up to Genting by bus
3. No Kampar tour (Ck was disappointed)

And seems like all the conversations after the incident sounds almost similar:

Kim: How much is a bowl of ais kacang?
Ck: Aiyah, don't worry la, surely less than 600.
FeiZai: The amount is negligible relatively.
Ben: RM602.00.
Normie: Eat! Already pay 600, don't hold back!
WanYean: I think I need not mention anything more to add salt to your already salty wound.

It is RM2.00 if you're still in doubt, Kim.

Kim was quite cool about the amount, full respect for him. To sum it up, we went to a couple of places and did some quick pit-stop at some locations (they find it boring).

Due to space constraint (too many things to write!), I'm summing up everything we did below:

Places visited:
Gurney Plaza
Gurney Drive
Kek Lok Si
Batu Ferringhi
Coastal Road (thanks to a very bad jam)

Places pit-stopped:
Queensbay Mall (we went in there for less than 5 minutes)
Crown Jewel Hotel's beach (love birds' spot)
Batu Ferringhi's Paris (flea market, I mean)
Sungai Nibong bus station
Mechanic's shop

Eateries attacked:
Penang Hill's Asia Cafe
Gurney Drive hawker center
Air Itam laksa stall
Ee Tong Semi-Restaurant (Zoo Road)
Pelita (mamak stall)
My house (breakfast by mum)

Stuff bought:
Tiny kite from Gurney Drive
Clothes from Gurney Plaza
Tambun biscuits
T-shirts from Kek Lok Si (some costs only RM3 each!)
New gasket (for Kim only)

I bought something from Kek Lok Si too, but I ain't telling you what that is. Figure it out yourself from the picture...

Things done:
Sight seeing
Play Dota (Lost all the games to Penangites. Ego drained, Penangites owned!)
Fortune telling (Fei Zai and Ck)
Repair car (for Kim only)
Pee at public area (figure out who)

Overall, I had fun bringing them around, and I do hope they enjoyed themselves too. One thing I discovered about them guys:
They are the do-ers.

They like to do stuff. Walking around, looking at old buildings and green trees will bore them to sleep. Pretty tough to bring this kinda people around huh, but thank God and IceFrog for cyber cafes and Dota.


Okay enough now, I sound so kampung.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Losing My Virginity

BOYS N GIRLS: I'll be away on a tiny vacation for these few days, maybe the whole week if another plan works out, so blog will not be updated for the time being.

Come back on Friday (8th Dec) to check for any updates (if you're a real addict to my blog), and if there is none, then come back again on the next Monday (11th Dec). Or you can just visit everyday to boost my traffic, read my previous posts and turn yourself into a fan (just pay a monthly fee of RM80.00 to upgrade your status to a fan!).

Well, for the curious pussycats out there, I'll be going to Kampar, Perak tomorrow and to Genting next.

And about the title post, don't get me wrong.

I meant this: I'm a Genting virgin.

Don't laugh.


Never been there.

Don't give me that look!

I'm going there already, alright? I'm losing my virginity on Tuesday, so stop laughing!

That's it. I shall not disclose anymore private secrets in my blog again.

Wish and pray for me, pray with me that my first time would be a hell of a hardcore ride and I'll scream in orgasm throughout the first time experience.