Thursday, September 14, 2006

Exotic Malaysian Drink: You Should Try This Out!

Back in Penang when mamak-ing with fellow ol' buddies, I was introduced to an "exotic" drink that is served there at that mamak stall by this hyper guy by the name of Dawson.

Well, I bet all you Malaysians have heard of "nes-lo", the cheaper alternative to Starbuck's mocha drink where they mix Nescafe with Milo, which contributes to the name.

But check this one out: the new cool drink available at Khaleel nearby USM Penang by the name of "koteh lo". If you haven't figured it out, it's a mixture of coffee (KOpi), tea (TEH) and miLO. Yup, it sounds weird and obscene, even the waiter who took my orders was shocked when I first mention it:

Wan Yean: Bos, koteh lo ais satu.
Waiter: Apa??
Wan Yean: Koteh lo. Ais.
Waiter: Macha, (tears filling his eyes) itu dulu wa ada jual la.. Skarang I kerja sini, tadak buat itu bisnes sudah..
Wan Yean: wtf... Bos, KOpi + TEH + miLO satu!
Waiter: Adui macha.. (seen thanking God) Nasib baik tadak orang tau pasai I punya kerja dulu-dulu...
Wan Yean: ....

Can't imagine if I ordered this:
Wan Yean: Bos! Koteh lo kau kau!

Or maybe this:
Wan Yean: Bos! Kasi bungkus koteh lo panas punya!

Everybody was laughing when I was placing my order, but hey, that drink is good. It is a lil bitter at the first sip, but then it tastes like Milo when it's in your mouth and when you gulp it in, it leaves fragrant traces of tea in your mouth. Now that's what I call a 3-in-1 drink.

You guys should try it out, but a word of caution to you girls: please check whether the stall serves this drink, or maybe explain the drink before attempting to shout your orders out.

And I can't imagine adding Horlicks to the ingredient...

Wan Yean: Bos! Lick mi koteh panas!
Waiter: Amma!! Mari pi belakang kedai!

Holy cow.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wan Yean Wears The Darnest Thing

I followed my dad to visit a recovering alcoholic friend of his after lunch, and I forgot that I was clad in Liverpool's jersey. Thanks to me, the weirdest kinda atmosphere was present during that meet up.

Just in case you do not know how a Liverpool's jersey looks like, here it is.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UTM: 1st Year Review

After being in UTM for a year or so, I think it's about time for me to reflect and review on how the year was for me.

As I look back, there are for sure a massive huge change now from the person that I was a year ago. For the better or worse, I don't know, but somehow I acknowledge God's hands at work by placing me in this place (back then I'd quote it as "in this wretched place").

1. Wan Yean is toned down
The loud fire-cracker, 500W amplifier, talking and laughing Wan Yean is a much more solemn person now. The reason is simple: he can't speak Mandarin well enough to make noise. Somehow I think it's good that I'm a more sort-of "matured" person now; though I'd still laugh-out-loud at times.

2. The Cinafication of Wan Yean
The music that I once frowned upon is now blasting away on my tiny Altec Lansing. There's a quote that goes something like in order to live in a sick society, you've gotta be sick yourself. True enough, now that I'm already befriending the likes of Jay Chou, Lee Hom, JJ, Wen Li Ming and Cao Ge. Heck, I even swore in Cantonese nowadays!

3. Wan Yean takes a puff on life
I'm gonna enjoy my remaining 3 years, no matter how boring Johor can be. I'm gonna make the most out of it before I enter working life. Bring 'em DotAs, paintballs, futsal challenges from the Malay boys, Red Box outings (yeah, I somehow brought myself to tolerate it, I'm cinafied, remember?), Genting weekend trips, lone-ranger Singapore adventures, oh heck whatever that can be done before I get stuck in the 9 to 5 life.

4. The Churchification of Wan Yean
I finally realized that church is only fun when you're involved in the ministries. Mere attendance every Sunday is boring. Getting involved is fun and rewarding, both physically and spiritually. Dang, I wasted a year by just Sunday churching.

5. Wan Yean and them peeps
I used to give not a single brew about what people think about me, about their feelings and all those stuff. I'm cocky, I don't smile to you even if you've been in the same class with me for the past whole year unless you approach me and wanna befriend me. Even that, I would give unto you a raised eyebrow. But now, heck, if our eyes contact, I'm gonna give you a nice view of my set of yellowish uneven teeth. I'm living in Giordano now - world without strangers.

6. Wan Yean and Teddy Geiger
Confidence. I realized that I seriously lack 'em. I can put up a good show on the stage be it a presentation and all those stuff, but when it comes to sports, instruments or meeting people, I somehow doubt myself. I don't think I can kick the ball good enough and I'm prone to error. I don't think I can strum the guitar properly. I don't think I can project myself well enough to strangers. I don't think I can - that's the problem that needs to be fixed, and I'm working on it.

7. Wan Yean and the four letter word - LOVE
Nah. Remains a mystery. It's about finding the best candidate to accompany you through life. Still in abstinence mode (I think); though I've been enjoying good company.

Not bad for the first quarter of my uni life. Gonna up the pace even more on this second quarter. Live life to the fullest and make the most out of every moment of your life. Thank you God. You've been kind to me.

By the way, I'm mutha frukin' back in Penang! Roooarrr!