Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Troublesome Burdensome

Assignment to be handed up tomorrow. Yet to have any tiniest bit of info. The Internet seems to be selfish and not sharing them information. And I'm freaking hungry. Urrggh. What a great kick off for the coming holidays. And what the hell am I doing at Blogger.com? Shite, gotta go back to work.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Love 'Em Broken

I remember back then when I was loitering around the mall with my sister, when we came across some new kinda old soft toy at some fluffy furry chokingly-fragranted oxygen-deprived soft toy shop.

Seems like they're selling mended up soft toys with patches and scar stitches all over it, and on the label it tells the story of the poor teddy that was dumped, but found by a lil girl who seems to like the teddy. "Would you take me home?" or something like that was written at the end of it.

The first thing on my mind?

Scam. Try to make money out of old toys.

Second thing on my mind?
That thing reminds me of a pirate.

Would you take me home?

Let's not talk about how much you costs, I can't even identify your gender, for goodness sake!

I don't know how I'm gonna link this together, but here goes my share of broken/mended/old stuff that I really love.

My jeans.
I can't exactly recall how long it was, but I remember buying it together with Fred after school at Island Plaza. Damn worn out, but heck I still love it. And I think those patches and stitches add rugged-ness to it. Love it muchi-muchi.
My sneakers.
3 years. People who see me wearing it always mention the phrase "throw your old shoe". Whatever la, as long as I feel comfy wearing it and I can do loadsa heel-toe with it, I'm happy... Though I'm already starting to look for a new pair.

Yup, you've been duped. Filler post!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friendship Questionaire

It's hard sometimes to "switch modes" when you're around people. Like, when I'm in Penang with them Penang folks (love ya'll da most), I noticed that I speak differently from how I would converse with my coursemates here in Johor. And when I go to church on Sundays, well, a different (solemn and quieter, believe me) Wan Yean steps in. And I'm another different person when I'm with my church folks in Penang. Darn, I wish I could just give this out to everybody. Makes my life a whole lot easier:

Thank you for befriending Wan Yean. This is a very personal copy of questionaire made specially for you on how to make the most out of this friendship. This will help Wan Yean to understand you better.

To proceed on, please answer these few simple questions:

1. What language(s) do you speak and which one do you prefer to talk to Wan Yean with?
(Tip: The languages below are arranged according to Wan Yean's preference)
  • English
  • Hokkien
  • Cantonese
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Mandarin
  • Tamil
  • Others (please state):

2. What kinda jokes do you laugh to?
(You may select more than one)
  • Ultra-lame and meaningless yet funny ones (think Stephen Chow)
  • Lame play with words kinda jokes
    Guy1: I'm bored.
    Guy2: You serious? Hmm, then I can play chess on ya.
    Guy1: What?
    Guy2: Or maybe skate with you on.
    Guy1: What the... I mean, B-O-R-E-D bored! Not B-O-A-R-D board!
    Guy1 & Guy2: Hahahaha!
  • Brainy you'll-get-it-by-tomorrow kinda jokes (think The Office, well, I never laughed to that show and I only watched it once.)
  • Off-colour jokes
    Guy1: It's a bird!
    Guy2: It's a plane!
    Guy3: No, it's a man with a bird hitting plane! (Translate it into Cantonese or Mandarin)
3. What is an outing to you?
(You may select more than one)
  • DotA!
  • To the malls, of course.
  • Sitting down by the beach, talk and chit chat til late.
  • Sports! No sweat, no fun.
  • "Redang AGAIN?" Vacations.
  • Coffee and supper.
  • Chiong! To the clubs, all night long!

4. What do you like to do in a mall?
  • Shop, or window shop.
  • Go for a movie, of course!
  • No place like the arcades.
  • Coffee outlets.
5. Where do you prefer to go for a meal?
  • Fast food outlet

  • Coffee shop

  • Western food

  • Maggi cup noodles and 3-in-1 Milo
6. What is RM10 to you?
  • My life! Don'cha dare touch my red Gabenor!

  • Three meals ngam ngam enough for a day.

  • Government tax and service charge for dinner.

  • Cigeratte lighter. (Sometimes RM50)
Congratulations! You have completed 3% of the total questions, and Wan Yean will be delighted if you would complete them all.

Nah. If things would work out that way. Don't worry, I'm still pretty much in tact, no split personalities yet, right Mr. Wayne Yeane? Can't agree more.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mind Boggling T-Shirt

I screwed up my 4th test. And I don't feel a thing, I'm somehow numb to it already.

"alah bisa, tegal biasa".

And no, that is not a religious quote. It's a Malay proverb.

You guys remember the poor scorned society t-shirt of mine?

Yeah, that one, the shirt that is less valuable than pins, rejected and despised by all breathing beings on planet Earth.

Okay now I see that you remembered.

Well, here's how the front part of the shirt looks like.


And here's a lil quiz: What the heck is written on it?

Take a closer look.

Think you've got it?

Keep that answer preserved in your head, guys, we're gonna do a review on the possible answers that you might come up with.

Okay; if your answer is SMElly, then you are partially right. It sure does look like SMElly from afar, and it has already adopted a new street/faculty name: the smelly t-shirt.
A big bunch of kids thought that the designer is trying to add a touch of tasteful childish art into it by using lower case for the "L"s and adding in a weird looking "Y".

But sorry, by getting it partially right, it means that you've got it wrong.

Well, if your answer is SMEll7, you are three-quarter right. That is absolutely a 7 and not a "Y". True.
But what does SMEll-7 means then?
Alot of speculations from my friends on this matter; with some saying that it's the staff's t-shirt of a 24-hrs covenience shop (7-eleven wannabe), while some said that it looks like (again) the staff's t-shirt of some cheap coffee outlet (Starbucks wannabe), considering what is written at the back of the t-shirt.

Still, you've got it wrong.

And if your answer is SME117, congratulations, you are part of the sane crowd that can read properly. And at the same time, no; that isn't what it is supposed to be.


It's supposed to be:

WTF, right?

Yup. 2, not 1, not L. That t-shirt designer must've failed all his writing tests back in kindy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Do I Need A Reason To Jog?

I jogged yesterday, after months and months of idling.

Among the reactions I got from people when they know that I am going/went for a jog:

Manusia 1: Go jog? Why suddenly go jog wan...

Manusia 2: Wah jogging ah? Circling the girl's block?

Manusia 3: Looking for the hot iPod-wielding jogging girl?

Manusia 4: Why? Somebody saw your fats and laughed at you?

Manusia 5: Cannot fit into your shirt is it...

No, no, no, and no. And no, it's not a sudden decision, and it's not like I haven't jog before.

The reason for it is clear; I want to be fit and healthy again.

That's all. Full stop.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And well, ahem, so that people will never get to see my fats anymore. (That'll shut them loose lips!)

And maybe after that, I'll look good in all of my shirts, especially in that particular XS Guess tee-shirt. (It'll fit perfectly like a cond... Ah nevermind.)

And then I can even go for jogs in my Guess shirt, parading around UTM hostels. (Imagine those girls drooling...)

Maybe I'll bump into that iPod girl too. (Hie :D ni tian tian dou lai phau bu de ah? Dammit I gotta polish up my mandarin first)

You see, I jog for all the right reasons. I just don't understand why people will speculate a million things out of it. SIGH.

Now where is that UTM map I can't seem to locate the shortest path to KP's girl's block...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

You know you're a die hard Liverpool fan when:

The only ongoing Israeli war that you know of is the one involving Maccabi Haifa.

You wake your kids up in the morning by saying "rii-say and shine!". (and you teach your kids to spell "rise" with double "i"s.)

You refused a toast from your colleagues after a successful busniess transaction because they're serving Budweiser and not Carlsberg.

You wouldn't date the hottest girl in your college just because her name is Chelsea Ng. (you actually point at her and scream "Ha! You lost! Loser!" aloud.)

You try to make the word "Sisoko" happen as a swear word. (Leh ma %*#$*@% sisoko! Kopi licence ah?!)

You danced silly in the club like a robot or a crane and think that it is real cool.

The term "Speedy Gonzalez" brings a whole new meaning to you now.

You no longer laugh at tall girraffe look-alikes in your school and you actually start to admire them.

You think that Carlsberg bottles and cans should be red in colour. (and the beer too.)

You start laughing at your Manchester United fan friends, telling them that you have a better looking Wayne Rooney in Liverpool now by the name of Craig Bellamy.

You started screaming at your workers in the managerial department in Spanish whenever you wear a red tie to work.

You starts to crash your car at any chance given and make a hell lot of insurance claims when you realised that your car is insured by AIG. (serve you right!)

You will make every chance to mention Reyna (rain ah?) when the sky turns dark.

You actually wrote an official request letter to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka to add the Malay word for cop as kop. (it should be rakan kop, not rakan cop! If Sure Heboh is wrong, then this is an abomination to our national language!)

You'd prefer to sit down at Starbucks all by yourself to blog about your favorite team rather than to join them others at the mamak stall to watch Man Utd trash Fulham.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Room Inspection

That is one of the ridiculous things you have to face when you're living in hostels. Nope, those room-raiders haven't pay a visit to my crib yet, but a few of my friends had already played hosts to them.

What are they looking for? Actually, they're just checking whether you've paid your fees for your electrical applicances in your room. But dammit, it is irritating.

A friend of mine got a RM10 fine for not turning off his fan when he was out of the room. Well, who the hell turns off his fan anyway when he is out?

Fei Zai's room inspection is the best thus far.

Fei Zai was half nude asleep when the officer knocks
Fei Zai: *blur* Huh?
Officer opens the door
Officer: Oh, tidur ya. Sorry. Err, elektrik dah bayar?
Fei Zai: Huh? Siapa lu?
Officer: Nak check elektrik.
Fei Zai: Oh, dah bayar la. Nah *points at the payment slip*
Officer: Ok. Lu ada CD blue tak?
Fei Zai: HAR????
Officer: CD blue.
Fei Zai: Tadak la!
Officer: Ok. *leaves the room*
Fei Zai: Thank God he didn't check underneath my bed...

What was that officer thinking of?
"Nak pinjam..."
"Anda didapati bersalah kerana memiliki benda blue. Saya sepatutnya boleh denda awak, tetapi menampakkan anda mempunyai koleksi yang begitu eksotik, saya akan beri amaran keras sahaja kali ini ok? CD ini semua saya akan rampas. Kesemuanya! Hahaha..."

Freaking silly. Who in his sane mind would say "yes" when asked, and surrender his stacks of collection up just like that?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Burnin' Them Midnight Oils

Burn too much of them and they'll burn a hole right thru your brains.

A man reaps what he sows.
Usaha tangga kejayaan.
Determination is the key to success.

Bla bla bla.

I just screwed up three of my recent tests. THREE.

Not ONE.

As if TWO wasn't enough.


And each of it carries 25% of my total marks.

GREAT. Right after I resolved to concentrate more on my studies this sem after all them "flies" be gone. What a great booster.

Not that I didn't study. No, I studied like hell. Every night til 4a.m.. And you see, that's the cause of my failure. Working too hard. Neglecting my physical and mental need for a break.

I was freaking blur during those tests. I remembered everything I studied, but heck, I failed to apply it properly. Something like, I can't be sure of which is left and which is right.

Then I began to doubt myself.

Is everything that is registered in my memory the correct thing?

Am I totally sure that the formula should be used to the first set of gears and not the second?

Am I dreaming?

Those are still okay, cuz I can still pretty much sort them out after digging real deep to the back of my brains. But the worst of all happens when I completed my whole test without realising that I actually started from the wrong end. Thanks to late nights of oil-burning and neglecting sleeping time. My brain is zombied.

So you kids out there studying for you upcoming major exams and all, here's a piece of advice: Give your brains time to rest and digest thru those inputs. Or else you'll end up typing an entry like mine in your own blog after your exam.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Talking 'til Them Cows Come Home

I suck at it. To me, persuading someone into doing something is certainly not my cup of tea. I don't know why but everytime I do it I just feel like I'm trying to swindle a rich old man that is lying down on his dying bed to rewrite his will before I suffocate him to death.

Wan Yean: Yes, uncle, I am your long lost one and only grandchild!

Old man: S-s-son??!? *coughs* Is that really you? *coughs*

Wan Yean: *tears dropping* Granpa!!

Old man: Finally we're reunited again! *coughs* I thought I lost you back then *sobs* when your papa died *sobs* in the car accident!

Wan Yean: My dad died? Oh, yea, of course I know that! Oh don't mention about that anymore gramps... The important thing is I am here now with you!

Old man: Yes... My good boy. *tears running down* Smehow grandpa always knew that you'll come back *coughs* Sorry that you were there out in the world all alone without help, love and the warmth of family... *starts sobbing real loud*

Wan Yean: Granpa, it's okay. *sobs* I'm here. I've got everything that I've ever needed.

Old man: I love you son! *sobs loudly*

Wan Yean: I love you too granpa! *sobs louder*

Old man: *sobs* At last, my *sobs* final wish *sobs*came true!

Wan Yean: Yes gramps! *sobs* Just one thing though, gramps. *sobs* I know that you've already written your will, and I think...

Old man: No.

Wan Yean: No, it's not what you think, gramps! *sobs* It's... I just wanna make sure that you are not cheated gramps! *sobs*

Old man: No.

Wan Yean: Dammit! Would you at least consider the fact that I cried for you? It's not easy you know considering that I've to force it all out?

Old man: Go earn your own money! And by the way, you're a lousy con man!

Rest assured that I don't know that much rich old men.

Though I might be recommending something real good to a stranger who might benefit from it, I still feel like I'm trying to cheat him into some scam, like there's a big label "SKIM CEPAT KAYA" pasted on my forehead.

Well, during the society's recent membership drive, we had to promote the society to them freshies, and well, I tried my very best, really.

(Junior approaching)
Wan Yean: Hi! We're from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.
Wan Yean: Please take one of our brochures. .

Wan Yean: It's an international society.
Wan Yean: Membership fee is RM80. Only. For a year.
Wan Yean: But by joining, you'll be entitled to all the benefits listed on the brochure.
Wan Yean: OIK Give some response la!
Junior: You suck.

Wan Yean: Okay, fine! I suck! But... Please join? Pretty please?

Junior: That won't work. You're pathetic. See you around.

Wan Yean: Oh, I'm pathetic? Let's see who's the pathetic fella without a society! Hey, everyone! That guy there is a retard! A big, society-reject loser!

I really tried.

On the other hand, my Vice President, Chuah makes it look so damn brewing easy.

(Juniors approaching; take note: plural)
Chuah: Hey, you guys are first years?

*Everybody nods*

Chuah: Great! You guys, you all need to do more than just study here. And your answer to it? SME!

Junior: But, we're not manufacturing students...

Chuah: So am I! You see, being in a society is bla bla bla bla bla more than just for it to suit your course. It's about networking bla bla bla bla bla knowing more people. Well, this society will be bla bla bla bla bla start off with bla bla bla bla bla bla. Our annual camp, PELTAC for example, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla consists of even students from Management courses! Bla bla bla bla!

Junior: Well, how can we benefit from the membership? Seems to be expensive.

Chuah: Well, a part from what I had just said, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, with a fee of only US$20 (can't believe he said that), you'll get a member card that entitles you bla bla bla bla bla bla bla an account with the SME International bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. You will receive monthly magazines, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, and well many more other benefits, including the opportunity to know me! (can't believe he said that too!)

Junior: *Hahahaha* Okay, we'll think about it.

Chuah: Sure! But please do write down your name and contact here for us to follow up. Don't miss this out, really. See you guys around!

Just like that.
Less than 5 minutes.
He conned 5 fools got 5 names already.

He should be in sales.

That explains why I'm not into those pyramid system, be a millionaire by 30 scheme, or those retire early and enjoy your life direct sales bullcrap.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Petty Theft

I was handling a society's membership drive last week. Hence the board below was set to promote the society. The outcome? Something was stolen from the board.

Now if you were that thief, what would be the one item you will steal from the board above? Think like a thief, or if you are one, think like how you'd always think.

(A) The Society's logo, as an act of sabotage, or as an ornament in your room? (Looks like viagra, cute wat)
(B) Oh, who wouldn't go for the T-shirt? That's the most valuable item on the board!
(C) Hmmm. Maybe a picture of that special someone who is in the photo, whom you fantasize about or the picture of that moron who broke your window so you can produce it to the bomoh?

What else? What would you steal?
Can't think anymore?

Let me show you what whoever that maggot was stole from the board.

Pins. Idiot! Like that also syok! Those can be bought for less than RM2, and grrgrr... You're really an idiot la, Mr/Ms Thief. Steal the T-shirt also at least makes more sense than pins! What, you lost your earrings and you're taking my pins as a replacement? Monkey. Why don't you take these too, huh?

(D) Strings. In case when you forgot to wear your belt and your pants are dropping, this will come in handy? Or as a spare shoe string?

(E) Coloured papers. Turn it around and still can be used mah. Maybe you can sell it to old newspaper collectors. Maybe you'll earn some money riddicule out of it. Or fold paper aeroplane with it and spend your whole evening playing with it to entertain your feeble mind.

They can't behave themselves in Uni even though majority of them are already above 20. Our undergraduates. Future robbers leaders. Nation's nightmare hope.

Wanster's UTM theft log:
Things lost so far:
1. Nike cap
2. Fila sandals
3. Scientific calculator
4. Pins
5. Freedom

p/s: I know the logo looks damn distorted. It's a passed-down thing, so it's the senior's fault.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bustard: A True Story

(note: post-incident pictures)

Buses around here makes a U-turn in front of my hostel after dropping passengers.

1. The bus goes in head-first;
2. Reverses out;
3. And vroom! Yi lu xiang bei-s after that.

Hence this bus came over, dropped it's passengers, and was doing it's regular step (2) U-turn thingy, until:

Bang. Poor ol' Honda Civic got a cosmetic upgrade and increased it's reputation points.

What did the bus driver do?
Came down, took a peek, climbed into his bus and did the usual:

Step (3).He yi lu xiang bei-ed, leaving behind him a trail of carbon monoxides and a RM400+ bill for the Civic owner.

Mechanics of Materials Assignment:
Given that a Honda Civic's door is made of steel of E=200GPa. One fine day, a bus of mass 3500kg is reversing with a constant acceleration of 0.75m/s2 right into the back door of the Honda Civic. Assuming that the area of contact is 2.3m2 and the deformation is constant, calculate:
a) The force P exerted on the door,
b) Average stress on the door.

Lessons learnt:
  1. Do not park your car there if you love your car door(s).
  2. Bus drivers are not bastards behind the wheels.
  3. Drive a Ford instead. Ford Built Tough.
  4. Application of the formula, stress = force/area.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Young Man Preaching

I don't know how all this comes about, but Melly suddenly started to call me old man. Well, in retaliation, I'm gonna call her drama queen. Why? Cuz she's 19, and seems like she's got more girly problems than Paris Hilton. I think I should be the one praying for her instead. :D

Old Young man preaching. Yes. Not old. I'm gonna preach for the second time in my blog. But no, I ain't old. I'm still young. Call me young kid blogger who preaches. Amen to that.

Heard a sermon today talking about "living life not based upon explanation but upon promises". The preacher emphasized that one shouldn't go about trying to find an explanation to all the happenings that occur in our lives, but instead trust on the promises that God has given us and that'll ease the problem a whole lot.

How can a brown cow that eats green grass produces white milk? Don't bother asking.

So you should stop wondering:
  1. Why terrorists have a fetish to bomb themselves in aeroplanes so much,
  2. Why the war is still ongoing,
  3. Why Japanese porn sucks can make good cars when Henry Ford is an American,
  4. Why UTM likes to treat us students like 12 year olds,
  5. Why Dr. Mahathir is having such a bad menopause,
  6. Why the prettiest chicks are always the cockiest,
  7. Or why the cutest hunks are always players.

Just hold on to these promises that:

  1. They'll suffer real bad 3rd degree burn on their asses, for eternity in hell.
  2. It'll come to an end someday.
  3. They have thumb-sized penis will be humiliated when Malaysia's Proton Satria Neo beats their Daihatsu Van in a drag race.
  4. I'll be set free in 3 more years.
  5. He will eventually die one day. And people will still salute him (I'm one of them).
  6. They'll end up with the biggest jerk with the smallest penis.
  7. They'll end up having their penises amputated after suffering severe gonorrhea, cyphilis and herpes.

End of my sermon.

Why my frequent visitors aren't coming back any longer? Oh, I should stop asking.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Just My *%&$-ing Luck

Did any of you stole a kiss from me and took all my luck away? Because, I feel like I've been targeted by some supernatural evil being that's trying to destroy my life little by little.


My series of unfortunate events came to full circle.
  • Just right after I hanged my clothes out to dry the rain poured down as heavy as my wee hour wee-wee.
  • My long serving scientific calculator was stolen when I was ordering food at the cafeteria.
  • I broke a motorcycle's number plate and caused another to collapse from it's standing position.
  • I was somehow involved in a (verbal) catfight between my course mates when a joke turned bad.
  • I scrathed my sister's left rear rim against the sidewalk, leaving a nasty ugly mark on it.
  • I ran out of junk food.

What the heck is wrong?! Somebody, please put a horseshoe outside my room, so that I can bump into it. I need a change of luck. Real badly. Dammit I had enough of all this bullcraps!

I hereby rebuke and command you, little devil who's trying to make a fool out of me to flee from my presence and come near me no more! I break all curses and speak against all condemnations that may be upon me. Rescue me O God!

Remember me in your prayers, Melly. :D

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacancy: Room Cleaning Girlfriend

I don't know what's happening to me. The oh-your-room-is-so-neat Wan Yean was last seen about a month ago when he first stepped into his hostel room and now he disappeared into thin air. My room is a complete mess now!

Everything is everywhere.

Everything is everywhere.

Everything is everywhere.

Everything is everywhere.

What an ugly sight to behold.

What's wrong with me? I'm the kinda person who can put things back in it's place, but first of all I can't find a proper place to put my things! Not that my room is small, heck it is much bigger than my old prison cell, but then again I'm just lost! Maybe I'm accustomed to small rooms already.

Oh well, for the sake of tidyness and better comfort, I have to resolve to this; I regret to inform you that I willingly, sacrificially offer my body to whoever that pretty, young and hot English speaking chick out there who can tidy my room (and make me happy).

I assure you my heart's devotion, if you can assure me of my room's neatness.

My love is yours if my room is clean.

I'll fold my arms around you if you fold my clothes.

Make my bed and I'll make you happy (if you're willing to make the bed again later).

Your clothes will be on the floor if you iron mine.

Comment to enquire more. First come first serve basis.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bees Must Die!

"Female honeybees die after they sting. Their stingers are actually ovipositors, tubular structures extending from the abdomen that sometimes contain eggs. When the barbed stinger is left inside the victim, the honeybee mortally tears her abdomen in the process. Alas, she dies." http://ask.yahoo.com/20051125.html

Bees kill themselves in order to sting you. Similar to an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber. So why not end their piteous wretched lives before they can harm you? They are gonna die anyway, rite?

Well, you might argue that they might not sting if you do not disturb them. Yea rite. As I've just mentioned, bees are like suicide bombers. They harm the innocent. They harm those who have compassion for them. And they do it at the cost of their own lives.

What are the chances of a bee stinging you? 1 out of 100? 1 out of 1000? Ladies and gentlemen, DO NOT take your chances. You'll never know when they'll strike, or for the matter of fact, where and why.

I got stung by a bee earlier, while on my way to class. I did NOTHING to disturb the peace of those honey-craving tiny monsters. Lo and behold, a stinger flew out of nowhere and landed on my ear. Before I even knew it,

WWOOOARRRRRHHHH!! ##%&**@@*&##*%&$*!!!

The suicide bomber blew up into pieces, leaving behind rubbles and debrises on my left ear.

Two stings; one by the bee and another by the nurse.

Yes, I'm telling you, show no compassion.

Smack them when you see them hovering over your fluorescent lights.

Smack them when they are resting on the kitchen wall.

Smack them when they are buzzing around your room.

Smack them.

Squash them.

Shieldtox them.

Annihilate them.

Blast them into bits and pieces.

Then smack them again.

Because, you will not know when they will harm you. Or do you have lil children around in your house? Do you want them to be hurt, and see them suffer as the venom slowly seeps through their skin, into the flesh beneath?

Forget about what I wrote earlier, about showing compassion and all that. Act quick, act fast for your own welfare. Destroy them, before they destroy you.

Wanster's Series of Unfortunate Events:

  1. Fell sick, down with fever
  2. Sore throat
  3. Lost my voice
  4. Coughing like mad (literally, and still no voice)
  5. Stung by bee (still coughing, having sore throat and voice-less)
What's next, gonorrhea? I had enough!

P/S: This entry was written somewhere around last week, but I only managed to post it up recently cuz I was too busy. Pardon me.