Saturday, January 28, 2006

Homo Sapiens From Johor

Just pictures of my friends in Johor. Hey, I promised pictures, right?

My roommate, Ah Kuat. Dunno why nicknamed like that. Maybe whole body kuat (cantonese for bones) or maybe strong? (I doubt it) Look stunned, dunno why. Got lots of ham tai (porn) in his laptop, but always deny it! Hahahaha! Im studying at the back (hardworking leh).

This is Sum Meng. Yup, thats his name. Nope, he is not from China, but from Bentong Pahang. Banana like me, but he does listen to Chinese songs, can consider him half banana, hence he is different from me. Talk alot to him, about girls, studies, friends, macam macam lah. Good buddy. Notice the gay posture.

Eeh, another similiar gay posture? Hahaha... This is Gay Looi Wei Di. The name Gay is given by me. And yes, he is damn gay. Likes to touch touch guys, especially Fei Zai (the guy below), and eew, I'm really disgusted. By the way he is 1 year older than me, but he does not act like a 22 year old. He can blink (one moment you see him here, and another he is gone).

Mr. Superstar a.k.a. Fei Zai a.k.a. Soh Zai a.k.a. Soh Hai. The picture really speaks louder than words. The fatty that likes to steal my junk food. My tambun biscuits, my prawn crakers, minced meat rolls, any foodstuff he sets his eyes upon. Explains his size.

Same Fei Zai. Sleeping in the car. Notice the drool. Eew. Hehehe.

Those are my coursemates, more pictures coming up!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Pictureless Blog

Girl 1: Hey, have u seen that blog, the one and maybe the ONLY one without any pictures in it?

Girl 2: Yeah, I mean, gosh, that guy's been blogging for like ages now, but not a single picture in all of his entries! Lame!

Girl 1: Urm, true, but somehow I find his blog interesting, and he looks cute too! Very handsome, I must say. And oh, his flashy hair! Its adorable! Wait, did you notice his eyebrows? They are thick and make him look so macho! (chuckles) And..

(Okay, enough of self praise I guess)

Girl 2: Oh, I like his chin. It makes him look real charming and bold and...

(Stop it! For my own sake! Okay....)

Girl 1: I can go on talking about him the whole day...

(Shoot, I cant stop! Haha)

(Long conversation about me, how they admire me etc)

Girl 1: But I heard that recently, he has decided to upload pictures into his blog for the time ever!

Girl 2: Whoa, big deal, everyone has got pictures in their blog! Even desmond, the new blogger has got loads of them already.

Girl 1: Dont you get it? Its HIS blog that those pictures are appearing on! Gosh, I am so excited!

Girl 2: Come to think about it, yeah! OoOo, I cant wait! The thought of it makes me horny!

(Hahahaha... my blog is a turn on, do you know that?!)

Girl 1: Bottomline is, guys, viewers, finally, to everyone's relief, this blog will have pictures! He promised!

Girl 2: Yeah, and he like to say thank you for viewing his blog all this while, and there will be pictures soon!

Girls: So stay tuned, stay horny, (giggles) and remember to tag when you visit!

Girl 1: I'm May,

Girl 2: I'm Choy,

Girl 1: Remember to catch us on MTV's Double Trouble,

Girl 2: And til next time,

Girls: BYE!

(This is a snip of a real conversation that really did happen when I walked pass two girls that were viewing my blog in the library. I'm serious, I swear it!)


friendster is blocked again here in the library. Dunno for what reason. Maybe they, administrators dont encourage UTM students to keep in touch with their circle of friends. This is stupid. zorpia, hi5 aint blocked. Lord, make me understand. What is in their tiny brains.

C.H.A.M. Entry

Determine - Dter-mIne (as in, your money is mIne), spoken by everyone, including the lecturers.

Perseverance - Pre-ser-vren : Not that people here use such canggih words in their normal conversations, but since this is an item in DotA, so people will eventually have to pronounce it.

Nike - Naik!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Flattened Flattered

The reason why this entry was possible was that I had a flat tire this morning. Oh blimey. How timely. Mine oh mine. Had to take a bus ride to get to my faculty. But by that time I'm already late. So, that is why I'm here. Hahahaha. Gosh, why cant they invent tires that cannot be flattened? Hmm maybe I'll make one and write my thesis on it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Commonly Heard Awfully Misspoken (C.H.A.M.) Words

Ladies and gentlemen, this is yet another entry that has got nothing to do with my personal life, my studies, my friends or anything that has got to do with me. Instead, ladies and gentlemen, this entry is INFORMATIVE. Yes, we're all talking about ICT nowadays, and so, it hit me that I should do my part in contributing to the society and well, share a lil' bit of information with you guys in my blog, since my blog is such a big hit (muuaahahahaaaa..... evil laughter). Viewed by tens of thou... Urmm... Hopefully I have ten viewers around... But anyway, here we go! Information, ladies and gentlemen! For your viewing pleasure and knowledge... I present you...

Commonly Heard, Awfully Misspoken.

Words that I hear everyday, in Johor that is, misspoken by the majorities around me, young and old. Students and lecturers. Janitors and pangsai-ers. Motorists and walkists. Why is it informative, you asked? Well, this will equip you with all the necessary info about the way things are spoken around here in Johor, or should I say, misspoken around here. Lets start with the common words you'll hear around here. From the students:

Cushion : "Q"-shen
Cafe : Cuff
Pause : Paus (whale)
Anime : Enemy
Mocha : Mo-CHA (like, CHArlie's angels)
Snooker : Snoker
BBQ : Bi-bi-kiew! (Can't stand it! Too funny!)

Okay, now, for a taste of slangs that can be hardly intepreted, easily misunderstood, the ultimate, the lecturer with the gift of tongues, one and only Dr. Dody, my Material Science lecturer, who is an Indonesian; and because he is an Indonesian, things can get really interesting with him around, you see.

Temperature : Temper-rah-turrr
Diagram: Literally dia - grumm
Sugar : Syuga (Like, heaven?)
Saturated : Satu (One)-raterd
Material : Matrial
Australia : Ostrali (serious!)
Computer : Kompoo-tarrr
Crystal : Kriss (like the motorcyle, but say it fast) tull!
Area : A-ria
And the best of all...

Japan : Jepang!

What the heck!! Awesome huh!! Told you he's real interesting.. No offense ya to whoever you are reading this entry. I hope this is 'informative' to you in some ways. More C.H.A.M. words to be added soon!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jusco Tebrau: Cool Guys' Refugee Camp (translated: heaven!!)

Omigosh omigosh... Finally... Hope for mankind (those residing in Johor only)... A blessing in disguise... Comes in a package full of surprises... This Jusco CEO, whoever he is... I give thanks unto you... You... Savior... Genius (not the computer mouse)... The second greatest gift to mankind and sane human beings in Johor at last... A getaway and gateway to unleash the long forgotten joy of Johorians... Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you... JUSCO TEBRAU!! (CHEERS) (CLAPS) (WHOAS) (Blinding lights from the sky) (People watching amazed) (Crowd1: Hey, who the hell said this is as huge as Mid Valley?) (Crowd2: Some even mentioned its twice the size of PASIR GUDANG..) (Crowd altoghether: Oh whatever, WE LOVE IT!)

Okay, that was a lil' too much of hyperbole over-exaggerating of the new Jusco Tebrau (Yes, it is a MALL) in where else, Tebrau la. It is damn far from UTM, the distance is further than travelling to City Square, the traffic is worse than travelling to City Square (I think), the road condition is worse, the road is narrower, the lorries are bigger, the streets are darker, and just when you're about to give up and turn around and go home (like some cars do) half way, suddenly, you see a dim red light in the sky. Dim and faint but it is still clear to all of the motorists. And if you ponder upon it harder, a lil bit longer, you might even spot some Aramic writings on it written in white. Stare a lil bit harder, and somehow some mythical magical powers bound within it will grant you the wisdom to understand the words written on it, though it is not even an English word that people would understand. But somehow people who look at it understood what it meant. Though I cant quite exactly remember what was written there, but I managed to recall some of the alphabets on it; captivating it was; something that goes in these order:
J U S c O

Okay, okay, I admit it that I am excited about the new mall. They had a variety of stores there (Levi's, Quiksilver, Roxy, Converse, 2 Nikes, Topman/Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, nafnaf, Guess, Fila, bla bla bla) and some pretty good food store and restaurants too. Somehow I felt that I was in Gurney Plaza, maybe 1/2 of Gurney Plaza to do justice to the 'best' mall in Penang, but still the crowd there was totally different from all the people I normally see on the streets of Johor. Not that much of Ah Bengs and Ah Liens like in City Square, not that much of Indons and Banglas, not that much of penguins, its like I'm in a different state when I was in there. And on top of it, the salesperson there speaks ENGLISH. Miracle. Okay, at least most of them la. Still a miracle.

I wouldn't wanna write about the shopping experience there, cuz I know, the gospel of Jusco Tebrau is applicable to Johorians but to the world it is foolishness. Of course, I cant compare it to any mall in KL or Penang, cuz it is not that great after all. But to have a mall that is maybe a quarter of what malls in KL have to offer, that is good enough for us here. Its like the gospel la. Heaven to unbelievers in nothing, but for believers, it is really heaven. Eh. Doesn't make sense. Haha, I dont bother, the bottomline is that I'm really happy and syok-en-ed by the mall, and I have found a piece of a puzzle to the meaning of my existence here in Johor. Thank God for the brilliant, brilliant, really briliant Jusco CEO! Aiyo melebih-lebih pulak. Haha.

Thursday, January 05, 2006



The number of stripes that Adi Dassler likes to put on his shoes.

The number of days before Jesus resurrected after His death.

One third of a band's name where the front man is obsessed with a girl to the point that he dreams about her everynight. (Three Doors Down)

One third of a band's name that hates everything about you. (Three Days Grace)

The number that appears on the clock.

The number of members in Green Day.

The number of parties that will ruin a relationship.

The number of meals that I take in a day.

The number of meals that Fei Zai Wong takes in 2 hours.

The number of meals that Stella takes in a week (I think).

Hours that King Kong fans had to endure thanks to Peter Jackson (and the movie still lack some details).

The upcoming sequels to X-men, Spiderman and Mission: Impossible.

The number of gifts offered to Jesus when he was born by the wise men.

The number that represents the unison of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The number that is after two.

The number of lanes in DotA map.

The average food price around here in UTM.

The number of pretty girls in UTM.

The pointer that I got from my Programming lecturer.

The number of times Fred Goh satisfies his sexual need in a day.

The number of times I dyed my hair (and it is still black).

A significant number it is. Yet it is just a number. But then again I am aware of the mystical power that this number holds.

This entry is entered to waste the three hours that I have before my next class. Strangely, what a coincidence!