Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time Of My Life

It has been weeks after weeks I didn't log on to the Net, and I literally lost touch with the outside world, since I came back from Penang. Alright, I'm in the midst of exams right now, so I'm quite caught up with things, like last minute study and all that sort of things. Now, how am I suppose to sum up all those things that I went through in that period of time in an entry? There's so much to write, like, TITAS exam, my on going neverending nor stopping diarrhoea since the day I came back from Penang, the Singapore trip, my new pair of Nikes, and (oh) my birhthday! I'll try, for all you viewer's sake.

Ok, I went over to Singapore the other day, last Sunday I guess (13 Nov) right after the church service in Johor. My sis and Tommie just decided to go over to a church over there (New Creation Church) for a service (they have 4 services per Sunday) and also to catch the Thai movie Tom Yum Goong. Well, at first we had to line up outside the church for like 45 minutes before service to get in. Well, Singaporeans' trademark I guess, the lining up thing, doing what they are best at. They would line up and patiently wait in line just to attend church! It would be a miracle if this ever happens in Penang. But the lining up and waiting stuff was worth it I guess when I was in there. It's a church like no other. From the outside, anybody can easily mistaken it for a pub or video arcade or bistro or even some exotic discotheque, I mean, it would never come across your sane mind that it is a church. I felt like I was attending Hills Conference during the worship, it was awesome. Totally. It was the grand-est worship I've ever attended, although it was short.

Skip a few days, fast forward to a couple of days after that, it was my birthday. First time ever I'm gonna celebrate it far from home, and far from all the people that usually celebrate it with me. Well, I got my birthday song sang to me from my friends on the 14th night, and birthday wishes flying in through the phone and the mail (Jessy sent me a birthday card), and I thought thats it for this year. It will be one quiet birthday. Had dinner plan with my sister, but then she called back and said that she couldn't make it. Ok then, I guess I'm gonna celebrate a peaceful and serene birhtday for real. I was doing my revision that night for my exams, talking on the phone with Jessy, when suddenly my roommate swithed off all the lights. I was like what, are you out of your mind? I was trying to study! Well, to my surprise, everyone walked in with a birthday cake for me (?!?!!) , it was really nice of them. Blew the candles, cut the cake and took a picture with all of them ( I'd even got a present! A USB keyboard and a game pad!) and I thought it was really nice of them to make my day one that I wouldn't forget.

But that was not the end, you see, at the command of Say Cheong a.k.a. N-Gage, all of a sudden I was taken down by a whole bunch of guys that was surrounding me earlier to take picture with me. And in his hands were a rotten egg and a candle. And I was topless. And what happened next was inspired from what the perverts have learned through out the years of watching sadistic porn. Candles, hot wax, you know, I really would not want to describe it anymore. So, rotten egg in my pants, hot wax on my skin, it was one hell of a peaceful and serene birhtday for me. Truly a birthday that I will never forget.

Well, I think I spent too much time here already, I think I really really have to study now. Thanks for all those wishes and calls and sms-es to all of you guys who remembered my birthday, and for all of those who forgot, I think you better get me a present to make it up with me.