Thursday, October 27, 2005

No Place Like Home

Indeed, no other place in the world can rival your own private space that you call home. And to add sugar to my candy, my home is in Penang. Such a wonderful place! No wonder I can't study or do anything for the past few days that so happens to fly by so quickly. Excellent food, nice bed, pretty girls, prettier girlfriend, aahhh... there's so much to boast about my home and my island. Too bad I'm going back to that forsaken land soon, blasterdy diggy exam. Waste my energy bringing all those heavy loads of books back here.

Had a nice chat with Jason on Tuesday, went to Kapitan in Gurney, ordered an authentic Penang's teh tarik, and a pancake, sat down there and chatted til late. Haha, we talked about life away from paradise (that is Penang, of course) and his horrific experiences in KL (car got smashed twice, people got robbed and stuff like that). It was fun, for us, to catch up on things and all that, but poor mamak guy, we ordered so lil' things but we stayed there for hours +). Gosh, somehow I managed to forget everything about my exams, relax and sip on my teh tarik and chat on. Must be the ambience around here in Penang. The air. The atmosphere. It can make a suicidal teenager dance and sing and be merry. Had to go back by 2 then, my mum was rushing me home cuz I've gotta wake up early next day to take my passport. Thank God I went home at that time, I was like a zombie the next day. Still managed to drive there and sign on the right documents.

Mum's cooking good stuff tonight, yummy, can smell it right now even as I am typing. Makes me go hun'ry! Didn't touch my books today, somehow I just forgot about them. Someone please kidnap me, bring me far away from Penang, along with my books, I need to study, aarrghh...

Sunday, October 23, 2005


First time blogging frm home, hurray!! Ahh, the ambience of my room, my home, my beloved bed, the smell of my pillow, everything is perfect around here in Penang! Except for one... was purging this evening, whoa, been vomiting and lau-sai-ing til now, but thank God, even the toilet bowls around here in Penang are comfortable-er than those back in UTM. So so glad to be home! But then again, gotta study for my finals. And to my dismay, the first subject would be the one I dislike MOST... none other than TITAS (Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia). Its like a duplicate of Sejarah in Form 5, where you basically have to memorize all the (un)important facts (& fictions) down, remember all the points, face the exam and then just forget everything. Haha. Malaysian education system. Will never change even in 10 years time.

Now that I'm back, I've somehow figured out all the stuffs that I wanna do here, that can only be done here and not anywhere else, somehow managed to list out a Top 10 (whoa, sounds so much like David Letterman's Show) most wanna be done list:

10. Eat as much Penang Laksa as I can.

9. Eat as much Penang Char Koay Teow as I can (Johor Char Koay Teow can NEVER rival Penang's).

8. Eat/Drink as much Ais Kacang (had enough of the fake version: ABC) as I can.

7. Eat as much Penang Jawa Mee (they don't have this in Johor!) as I can.

6. Eat as much Penang Chee Cheong Fun (this one too!) as I can.

5. Eat as much Penang Char Hor Fun as I can.

4. Eat as much Penang Chicken Rice (Sin Lam Huat's, to be precise) as I can.

3. Meet up with ol' friends, of course, for mamak (eat as much mamak food as I can).

2. Eat Mum's Home Cooked Food as much as I can (Mum: Cook, Nutritionist, Dishwasher lol).

1. Go fasting and eat nothing (haha....!).

Well, I still have to study, and that's life for me as a student. Grown ups in church talked to me this morn, had a lil' chat while I'm struggling to stay alive with the stomach ache I had, and they said that they missed uni life. Gosh, will I ever feel that way 4 years down the road when I start working? I guess humans don't appreciate what they have til its gone, and that's life.

Gonna go hunt for a laptop backpack tomorrow, since Jason mentioned that it is available at Parkson. I saw 1 actually yesterday when I went there, but it is the exact same one as those in Johor's Jusco (the Pierre Cardin and Polo). Will go look for more varieties, but if end up thats the only two, then hell with it, I'll get it. Wanna shop so badly, since all my friends in UTM don't fancy buying stuffs, I just wanna let loose my long left behind inner craving to shop for stuffs for myself, yes, yes, YES! Oh God, pardon me, if I sound too much like a girl. Thats how desperate I am for new pants, collar T shirts, sports shoe and so much more.

Gosh, I need sleep. But I aint sleepy yet, funny huh, maybe because of the long afternoon nap I took or maybe I'm just too excited too happy burst with joy rush of adrenalines in my veins and all cuz I'm back! WHOOOHOOOO!! PENANG RULES!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sweet Home Pulau Pinang

Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong..... Paya Trubong... Pulau Pinang... Take me home... AirAsia..=)

Tommorow will be the last day of my first sem in UTM. Amazing huh how quickly time flies by. Soon I'll be in second sem (but first I've gotta get thru my final exams) and I just couldn't believe it. Too soon. I still feel like a freshie here, feel so small, so tiny, so frail, so new to this environment. But then again, I've got only 7 more sems to go. People tell me that uni life is one of the best experiences in life, but to me, its quite hectic, quite packed, not much time to sit down and relax. And life here has taught me valuable lessons, lessons in life, lessons about life, that I can't purchase with silver or gold. I learned to be independent, to wash my own clothes, to cook my own meals, to wake up every morning in time to go to class and all. But most of all I learned how to manage my own time (and I'm still learning how to). When you have so many choices in front of you; whether to play GTA and complete the next mission, or to sit down and study, or to do the assignments due tommorow, or to wash those dirty clothes that have been there for a week or so, or to laze on the bed and do nothing, or, you know, thousands of other things that you can do, its hard to decide which one should be done first. Time management is so damn important, thats the point. Out of the blue I suddenly realize why there are so many seminars and conferences out there teaching people how to manage time.

I'm heading back to Penang this weekend, spend 1 week there, and then head back to Johor here to prepare myself for my final exam, that will start on the 10th Dec. **Flashbacks: Good ol' days in PFS, no worries, no stress, just relax and sleep in the class the whole day. Not the same scenario here though. Gotta really really work hard to excel in my finals to achieve my desired pointers. Hoping and praying that the pointers I want are still within my reach. I just have to work harder, spend less time lazing around, shut my laptop lids tight, and maybe I'll do well.

Forget all the craps, I'm coming back!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm gon' pop these fools, CJ!

I'm so so hooked on GTA: San Andreas now! Though I had the game in my notebook for about 3 months now, but just recently I found it so interesting, I just can't keep my hands off it! For everyone who plays that game, I progressed til the part (warning: spoiler ahead) where I'm betrayed by Smoke and got kicked out of San Andreas. Can't wait to get back into my room and get my hands on playing CJ with 5 tattoos on his body and a blonde braided hair.

I've been a slug for the week, did very little exercises for the upcoming tests (Saturday and Tuesday). Temptation lurking around the corner (GTA), cant concentrate much. Amazing huh, how a video game can affect us so much. Nothing much to write or type here, got alot of typing to do for my English assignment. Everyone just drops everything for me to do. Shitheads. Gotta hand in my assignment by Monday, and I'm doing all the work, and its supposed to be a group assignment.

By the way, my first sem is gonna end in 1 weeks time!! Hoorah!! Hooray!! Gonna journey back to home sweet Penang next Friday, spend a week there, and get back here to Johor for my finals. Then 1 month of break. Really, really looking forward to that.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Smelly Cat

My oh my. I'm in the library now (I left my room about 2hrs and 45 mins ago) just to get away from that awful stench. Mr. Tommy Hilfiger went to class whole day, sweated and resweated, and went back into the room after classes ended, didn't even bother to bathe. Sat down there, read Calculus, not moving an inch from his place, forcing me to stay away from my study table and to lie down on the bed just to catch some fresh air. The whole room was filled with the sweet and sour aroma of Mr. I-Bathe-Once-A-Day. I wonder how would my room smell like right now. Ooh, somebody save meeee..

Did some exercises on differentiation (yes, we're still studying differentiation), taking a break before I start looking into integration or else I'll get everything mixed up. Calculus test this Sunday, that means I'd have to skip church (forgive me Lord) . Its the holy month of Ramadhan now, and during this holy month Malay caterers don't open their stall for lunch. And I'd have to travel halfway across the world just to get to the Chinese foodstall somewhere near my college, and then rush back to class again. I guess during the holy month people are less concerned about earning money. But then again the food price is still as esxpensive as always. Oh dear, dear food.

I think I better get back to my Calculus. Don't wanna cry on Sunday morning. Pray that God will fill my room with His sweet heavenly aroma and fill me with sweet tender loving kindness and tolerance.

That Good Ol' Familiar Bad Smell..

Maybe it is back to haunt me again. Maybe I am doomed to some curse by some witch or wizard or bomoh. Maybe it is trailing me, maybe it is all around me, maybe there is no way of escaping it - that ol' familiar smell... Oh boy, this goes a long way back. That rousing bad smell is in my room itself. If you smell.. that unbearable B.O.. Its in my room, ladies and gentlemen, yes it is. But its not in me, its not from me, it is in/from my roommate... GoD............ Give me a break! I need some fresh air... HELP ME!!

Before we all get nervous and freaked out about this life threatening issue here, I would like to declare that I am still very much alive. Yes, I give all credits unto my nose hair that blocks all those "pekat, lekit & tumpat" smell of the KeOH away. But still, no matter how much hair there is, or no matter how tiny my nostrils are, or even how seldom i inhale, that foul, ugly, cruel, dirrty odour still manage to wade through my fortresses of defence, right into my receptors, sending synapses to my brains to analyse the filth, and in my helplessness, I have, contaminated my brains and lungs with the deadly and poisonous KeOH. For your info, KeOH a new found chemical compound, known as Ketiach Hydroxide.

I wouln't wanna hurt my roommate's feelings, by telling him things like 'hey, you smell like a dead cow!' or 'would you please bathe at least twice a day?' or even 'do you mind if I wear surgical masks? The haze is pretty bad in here', but if I don't say a thing, I'll be hurting myself instead, and I definitely don't want to suffocate to death. People, I need your help. What would be the kindest way to speak to him (in Cantonese, of course) for the sake of mankind? Else, I would have to bear with it for like another 6 months or so, my brains will lack oxygen, I will grow dumber each day, and in the end, I can't graduate. Oh GOD, give me wisdom, give me the boldness, give me the right words, give me fresh air.

To clear things up, I don't intend to talk bad about anyone here, but then again this is suppose to be MY blog/diary/personal journal, which I selflessly publish for your viewing pleasure and I do think I have my own rights to write whatever I like. So, no offence, I just have to write them out to at least, help me ease my mind (and my nose).

And if you're wondering, no, I don't think he views my blog, and I dont think he understands what I'm writing.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I so need toilet now

My stomach can't wait a minute more, but it has to bear with another 40 minutes of programming. Talk about programming, I screwed it up. Didn't do the last 2 questions, cost me 35 marks. Everyone were treating the test as if it was just another exercise, talking, discussing, referring to books and (yes) even some "teaching" from our lecturer. Hahaha... It was fun though. I don't feel like I was facing a test in a university at that moment.


Another test this coming Sunday, Calculus is the subject, and I am so not prepared for it. Why so many test wan? And in the midst of all the tests, I've gotta register my subjects for next year. Might wanna follow other timetables and adjust it nicely so that I can have more free time for myself. Will I miss my classmates/coursemates? Nah, what is there to be missed? =)