Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Am Programmed

Programmed I am. I've been spending most of the time reading through Schaum's Outline Programming Fortran 77. Surprisingly, I found it to be a lil' quite i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g. Like the first time I'm introduced to it, that kinda fresh, wanna-know-more, this-is-fun!, hey-thats-cool feeling. Got 2 more chapters to finish, dateline Friday night, God, grant me more time, grant me interest, grant me understanding. Grant me (and everybody) an easy test paper. Waiting for my download to complete, some cool songs (Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down, Nelly - Fly Away, Sweet Home Country Grammar, Daniel Powter - Bad Day) and I'll be off for dinner. Yeah, its 9.40 already, I'm starving myself, I have to do this, give up food for knowledge (whoa, sounds so noble). Looking forward towards the weekends already (cuz thats when the test will be over). I'm done with my downloads, going for food now.. OOH YEEAHH!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank You Lord

An inspiring poem (that can be turned into a song since it rhyme so well) by a well known anonymous poet:

Thank you Lord for this brand new day
Thank you Lord for for yesterday
Thank you Lord for a beautiful days
Thank you Lord for a rainy days
Thank you Lord for lazy days
Thank you Lord for rough tough days
Thank you Lord for Christmas day
Thank you Lord for Easter day
Thank you Lord for Independance day
Thank you Lord for birthdays
Thank you Lord for holidays
Thank you Lord for Damon Daze
Thank you Lord for McD's sundae
Thank you Lord for KFC's sundae
Thank you Lord for any day
I'll thank you Lord everyday


Its not fair. I know nothing! No, I really, really know nothing about it! I don't deserve this punishment! NOoOoOooOOoO!!... Programming test this Friday. Up til chapter 6. And i know nothing. How am I going to survive this? God help me...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Introdoocing Eew Tee Em

Woke up early, but was late for tutorial. Actually, I didn't manage to even make it there. Waited for bus from 11 onwards, and 35 minutes later then only I manage to board one. Lousy stupid idiotic buses. Hate the smell in it. Got brand new assignment for programming. I'm dead. Again. How am I to survive this?? God give me wisdom. Give me strength. Give me answers. Give me revelation. Give me a smart friend that is good enough to share me the program source code. Aahh.. That'll be good.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Too Drunk To Blog

Sorry, I think I'm really ka-bonked, ka-da-da-dummed, ba-da-boom; ba-da-bang; da-bang-ed. It was Tuesday, and I thought it was Monday, yesterday. Haha....

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

GoSh... ITs MondAy AgaIn...

Did the weekends just flew past by you without you even noticing it? That's exactly what happened to me. My weekends are over, another 5 %#$@-ed up days to face.. I aint feeling that well today, the same old story: not enough sleep. Barely had 4 hours on the bed, had to crawl out of it again. And its a long day today, I'll be attending lectures til 5 in the evening (aarrghhh..). Did nothing during the weekends, absolutely NOTHING that I can recall (be it beneficial or non-beneficial). Except for one: playing DotA with Ah Meng. Oh, now I recall, it was a tragic (actually not tragic lah, just that I can't think of any other words) Sunday. I left the keys to my room IN my room and locked myself outside. And my roommate is miles away back at his hometown in Pahang. He won't be back anytime soon ( he came back on M0nday), and well, I had to sleep in Ah Meng's room. Barely slept, we sembang-ed til like 5 in the morning. Weird huh, cuz I thought that only girls do that kinda stuff. Sacrifice their sleeping time to talk.

Oh, now I remember! (Lack of sleep caused my brain to loose some clusters of memory; had to do scan disk to detect them back) I read The Chronicles of Narnia! Yup, the children book for adults. Managed to finish the 1st and 2nd book, which is The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Damn, this keyboard's SHIFT key is so hard to press! Back to the story about me reading stories, it was fun reading through the 1st book though it started quite slow. But soon when I'm somewhere in the middle of it, whoa, I just got glued to it! The 2nd book, where the movie will be based on, is quite o-k-a-y, still a good read, (quite a ridiculous ending I must say) but I preferred the 1st. Too bad the movie doesn't follow the flow of the story, I bet the 1st book will make out to be a good movie. I'm looking forward for my next dose of Narnia, gotta ask for it from my sis ( the book is Tommie's, my soon-to-be bro-in-law).

Was quite happy to look into the mirror today to find only 2 tiny growth on my face (pimples), and the rest of the old scars are fading away. Good thing I have my Body Shop wash, Nivea's deep cleansing action and my girlfriend to help me handle the problem. I better start (restart, I should say) my jogging again. My belly is visible again, and it's not sexy or cute in any way. My previous runs were way back then before I went back to Penang where I stopped doing any form of exercises from then onwards. It helped me so much in keeping myself fit and healthy. Nowadays I'm such a slug, no, I don't wanna be a slug, hell no! That's it, I'm gonna start jogging again. I bet my pair of adidas missed me. Don't worry my dear, I'll be wearing you back again and we will travel the distance together... Just you and me. But not this evening, my bed miss me even more =) yes darling, I know that you miss me the most. I miss you too, much more than my shoes and my bed =)

I wonder, is this post longer than the previous?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Guess Where Am I Right Now?

Yup, I'm in programming class right now, yet again =) Well, where should I start? Maybe the test. Yes, the test. It was OK, but I lost 2 marks already for drawing wrong diagram and labelling the forces wrongly. Ouch.... I managed to finish all the questions within like 1/2 an hour (3 questions only, so don't be impressed), then I slowly looked through my answers. "6 minit lagi.." I was looking through my 3rd question at that time, I'm sure. Not used to checking my answers back then when I'm in school. What is done is done, I'll tell myself. I was about to drop my head on the table to take a nice, short nap when suddenly my eyes spotted a tiny mistake: -(-1176) = -1176. I was like, WhAt?!! That one tiny mistake caused all my answers to be wrong... Rushed like crazy... Thank God I had my correction pen with me at that time, or else I won't know what should I do.
Whoa, thank God, thank God.

Alright, test aside, my TITAS presentation is supposed to be tomorrow. Was doing lots of PowerPoint slides, looking through my notes and assignments yesterday. I was mentally prepared for it, thinking of how to face the audience tomorrow, how to relate my topics to them, when suddenly my friend Gay Looi (not his real name, like Gaylord or something.. just an adjective as a description) received a SMS saying that he won't be around tomorrow. That means that my presentation will be posponed til, like 7 weeks later! #@%$&*... 7 weeks later, that is some time around my finals, where am I suppose to find the time to prepare for it, and all those stuff? Stew peed.

Did my self access test just now for English, it was totally meaningless. Just print out the answers, which is freely accessible, and hand it up to my lecturer. That will make up to 5 extra marks. I guess the standard of English here is LoW, so that is what they do to help those fellas pass this subject. My programming lecturer gave us an assignment to do, revolves around Fortran, something like how to make a examination marks allocation program. God, grant me wisdom from above. I bet He knows how to solve all this, don't think of God as old-fashioned or so, that He knows nothing bout programming.

I wasn't feeling so well for these few days, on the verge of getting a fever. My roommate gave me a packet of Ho Yan Hor Leong Char (Herbal Tea), I think it helped a lil and I don't feel the burning sensastion inside my body now. Slept at 4a.m. yesterday, dunno why but I can't sleep. Weird isn't it, I'm sick but I just don't feel well, I can't seem to doze off and take off into dreamland. Drank lots of water, went to the toilet like, once every 20 minutes. Freezing in my computer lab now, I thought I can survive this winter inside here, but I think I don't have enough fat to insulate my body =)

For the record, this is my longest post (*cheers*), and I do hope you guys appreciate my effort and read all of this alright. Yes, ALL of it. Then I'll consider raising your standards from being just my ordinary friend, (or if you're a stranger, a nobody) to maybe, my friend and fan (if you're a stranger, then I'll call you a fan or a nobody, its just the same, right?). And I would have to emphasize that through having fans like you guys, its a great motivation for me to keep on typing, to keep on blogging, to keep on living...


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sila Baca Arahan Sebelum Anda Bermula. Masa Diberi Ialah 1 Jam. 3, 2, 1, Mula!

It's exactly 1 hr before my Statics test..**M=Fd, Rx=Fx=0, Ry=Fy=0** Phew! Thank God I still remember the formulas. As I said earlier, I was going home for some nap, but ended up I didn't, so I'm feeling reeeaally sleepy now. What the hell am I doing here? Well, Our tests are held at a hall below the mosque (Yes, BELOW the MOSQUE, don't ask me why), and so happen that the library is just next to the mosque. So, here am I! =) Nope, I ain't looking into my notes anymore, not now, I need to relax more. Too much of books can make you go whacky-whack. Actually, I ain't that excited for this test, I'm just afraid that my eyelids will respond automatically to my subconcious need (that is, sleep) and I go ga-ga in the hall.

Gosh, 49 minutes more to go! Gotta go now, wish me luck! (Maybe by the time you view this, the test is over already)

Test Test Test...

Not in the mood to blog, maybe I'm still sleepy. Struggled to get out of my bed this morning, barely had enough time for breakfast. Got quite disappointing marks for my Calculus, partly my fault, partly the lecturer's. Well, he wants us to specify how we get our answers, like the examples found in our textbooks. I thought tests are meant to test our own level of understanding, how far we know, and how much we know. Not to explain step-by-step how we got our answers, that is just ridiculous. What, he wants us to compose an essay for him for each question? That's just silly. My test 2 for Statics is on tonight, maybe I'll take a short nap this evening or else my brain's capacity will be very limited tonight, and I'll start forgetting things like the formulas etc.

Oops, I forgot to take my lunch! Chaoz

Friday, September 09, 2005

Amway Is The Way!... maybe not

Didn't manage to blog, was trying out some stuffs i found. Quite cool, now that I have a chat space and a counter (alright, remember my first post? Remember your role?). The computer lab is closing now until 2.30p.m., it's sembahyang time. Even the library will be closed, and I have nowhere to go but straight back to my hostel. Ya, I know its ridiculous, but nothing can be done to change this weird system. Can't comment much, don't wanna offend anyone or spark any new controversy.

My friend Fatty Wong is now officially hitting on us, trying real hard to convince us to be an Amway member. According to him, we can earn alot by just selling products and enrolling new members under you. Well, all of this just turns out to be a sort of joke for me. =) If it is really that simple, then our country will be filled with millionaires! Ah Meng got convinced, and paid RM85 for 1 year membership. Whoa, I better be careful now, since most of my friends are direct sellers. Heck, I've got enough supplies of multi-vitamin pills from home, and I don't need any hi-tech water filters or patented soaps and toiletries to use. I'm quite happy with the one I'm using now.

ok...I gtg go now.they are swiching off the light now.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nasi Kandar = Diarrhoea

Had a "cleansing" session in the toilet earlier, just right after I finished my last spoon of rice. Whoa, I had to rush to the toilet and let go of all that I ate earlier. A waste of money, I say. Just right after I spent RM3.00 on the nasi, it came out as tahi. Sigh. That'll be the food I'll be taking for the remaining 4 years here in UTM. I'm hungry again. Digest food way too fast. Well, its time for Programming again, and as usual, everyone is surfing the Net instead of listening to the lecturer. And I'm so dead, I know nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about programming. The lecturer is at chapter 6 now, and I'm at chapter 1. Can't help it, I don't understand the lecturer. Well, forget Programming, I'll have to concentrate on Statics now. My second test is next Tuesday, and I ain't prepared for it. Got alot of exercises to complete and assignments to hand up. English assignment to hand up on next Thursday, TITAS presentation on Friday, all not done yet. My to-do-list is packed. I think I won't have that much time to update my blog for this entire week til next Friday.

Haven't heard from darling today. Maybe she's still unhappy, bothered with problems revolving around her right now. Maybe I can't be of much help to her right now, I'm really bad with words, ecspecially when I need to talk. How can I help? I can listen to her talk for hours, but sometimes I'm really clueless on what should I do. Or perhaps, what should I say. Things will turn out for good, hopefully, prayerfully.

My stomach still hurts...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whoa, its bedtime!

Suppose to search for an article for my English subject. Ended up writing my blog. This computer lab (CICT) is the only place in UTM where I can have access to Friendster (sad huh). I've been driving my sister's car for the past 3 days, time to return it to her. She went back to Penang on Sunday night, and she'll be back tomorrow morning. Poor me, I've gotta wake up real early again to pick her up. Had a nice dinner (Sarawak Laksa) out at a local coffee shop. Suddenly hawker food tastes soooooo good. Nasi kandar and all those curry makes me sick. Still have a couple of homework to complete, so I guess I'll be leaving soon. Hopefully I dont end up playing DotA with Ah Meng. You must study and do well for your test, Wan Yean! Tired, sleepy, miss my darling.

Still A Long Way To Go

Lies, lies, lies..... they're all lies. Liars tell lies. Who was it that told me Uni life will be fun, relaxing, and I will meet lots of interesting people from different parts of the country? I felt cheated. Washing my own clothes is not fun. Waking up at 7 in the morning every(Wednes & Thurs)day is not relaxing. Meeting ah lians from different parts of the country is no way interesting. And ridiculous assignments to complete is even worse. I miss those good ol' days when I'm still a lil' kid in school. School ends at 1+, and that's it for the day. Things that I take for granted: TV, cheap food, radio, parents, and the list goes on. I have to watch my spending and at certain times have to opt for vegetables and tofus when I'm really broke. And I'm only here for 2 months or so. 3 years and 10 more months to go. I need a break. Maybe a holiday at Pulau Perhentian will be nice. Really nice. Hope that I'll be able to manage a short getaway holiday with my Jessy. Miss ya girl. My number 1 blog fan.

My First BLOG!! (Hopefully I'll Continue Posting After This)

What should I write about myself that i can share with the rest of the world? Well, blogs are weird, I should say. People back then wrote diaries, and kept the contents secret. Its really classified, you know, where the private details are recorded down (like your first date, the first pubic hair spotted at the lower region of your body, etc). Heck, nowadays people would just tell it all to anyone who visits a website, and even worse, bloggers anticipate for more visitors! But then again, what the heck, I am now officially a blogger, and I would like to have lots of visitors too! So, now its your duty to pass the word around that your friend here (if you're not my friend, then "Hi! Nice to meet you!, drop me a line!") has got a blog! Yup, spread it like wild fire, and I'm gonna be famous, and you (yes, you!) will be the friend of a famous person!
So remember guys, its like the Get Rich Quick Scheme, if each one of you get 3 persons to view my blog, and that 3 persons get 3 more, and the 3 get 3 more, so on and so forth, then that will be real effective and easy for you guys to complete your tasks. Just that this is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, and no, I am not in any way related to it. Uh oh, my Programming lecturer starts walking around now, gotta sign off for now. 'Til then, remember, its your duty to make my blog happen. Chaoz